AcoustiBlok Review: 2 Decades of Pro Soundproofing

AcoustiBlok Review: 2 Decade Pro Soundproofing

I recently had the chance to spend some time with a contractor friend of mine who does a lot of soundproofing projects. When I was on one of the sites they were working on, I noticed that they used a brand of mass loaded vinyl (MLV) that I never came across previously, AcoustiBlok.

It certainly piqued my interest and I asked my friend more about this product. Turns out, the company manufactures a highly regarded soundproofing material and has been around for over 2 decades.

He speaks of them highly as he has used its products for a number of years now and it has never failed him, whether it is used for residential or commercial soundproofing jobs.

With that mind, I wanted to share a bit about this company and the benefits you will get if you use them.

This AcoustiBlok review will be great for you if you are planning for a home upgrade or new renovation project. Be sure to check with your contractor if they carry this MLV and if it is suitable for your home.

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What is AcoustiBlok?

AcoustiBlok is a US company that has been in operations for over 20 years, started by Lahnie Johnson. I really like the company’s slogan, “quieting the world”, which is their guiding principle for innovation in their industry. The founder was an aerospace engineer who has vast experience in NASA and various kinds of sound production projects all across the country.

The name AcoustiBlok is also the name of their flagship product, a special kind of MLV that rivals the best you can find in the market. Its main use is in sound isolation by preventing sound from seeping into the environment. 

It is widely used in many kinds of different places such as concert halls, cars, night clubs, and even on planes. In fact, the AcoustiBlok is inaccessible for regular folks like you and me for small projects. You would need to engage a contractor and ask if they have that.

More about AcoustiBlok soundproofing material

The company does not actually call their product an MLV, but it shares similar characteristics. What stands out is the fact that they have a UL Classification which means that it possesses a high level of safety and can be used for projects which has this requirement. 

As you can imagine, most industrial and commercial jobs will require this.

Moving on, the AcoustiBlok has 2 variants: 

  • First up is the Blok16, a 1/8th” thick sheet with a weight of 1 pound per square foot. 
  • The other model is the Blok32, a 1/4″ thick sheet with a weight of 2 pounds per square foot.  

Both are made from recycled plastics and non-toxic minerals that are mixed and pressed into a membrane sheet.

As the main purpose of the soundproofing material is for sound isolation, they are usually installed before any walls or floors are completed, which means that the Transmission Loss (TL) is greatly enhanced.

Another thing that is different with AcoustiBlok is its density. The Blok16 has a weight of 1 pound per square foot while the Blok 32 weighs in at 2 pounds per square foot! That is some serious mass behind it that will be excellent for sound isolation.

Hey, quick one. If you intend to start a soundproofing project soon, check out our Best Materials for Soundproofing post to get a headstart. Most projects require similar materials, so this post will save you a ton of time researching.

Benefits of using AcoustiBlok

When it comes to soundproofing projects, we are greatly concerned about having a high Sound Transmission Class (STC) level, which is the rating of sound isolation. 

By using AcoustiBlok, you can achieve the desired results you want with a professional solution that works well and does not take up much space. I mean, how many of us have 12″ thick walls throughout the house to let us get to STC 80?

If you are after a custom made solution, it is worth checking out if your contractor has experience using AcoustiBlok. I’m not allowed to reveal the price but it is not something that will blow your budget out of the water. Compared with regular MLV, it is roughly the same price. You will have to factor in $3-5 more per square foot for installation fees.

Types of applications

what is acoustiblok made of

So where kind of projects can you use AcoustiBlok in? More than one can imagine I think.

Almost any kind of projects can benefit from using it. The company has clients in residential, commercial, and industrial industries.

Check out the kinds of jobs they are well known for:

  • Air conditioner noise
  • Air handler noise
  • Animal noise
  • Compressors
  • Pool pumps
  • Generators
  • Plumbing
  • Home studio and theatres
  • Automotives

Other products from AcoustiBlok

Not only does AcoustiBlok have a very reliable product for sound isolation, their innovations have also brought about many other interesting soundproofing products. 

AcoustiFence – This is a patented outdoor noise reduction barrier that can blend into any environment. Mostly, you will find this in industrial settings. I wonder if anyone uses this for home acoustic fencing?

All Weather Sound Panels – Unlike those that we usually find in our homes, these are durable ones that are made to withstand the elements. It has an acoustical performance of STC 30 up to 37!

Quiet-Cloud – I have seen one of these in a factory previously. They hang from the ceilings and are really effective at sound absorption, highly useful when there is a lot of machine sounds and metals clanging each other.

AcoustiBlok Wallcover – This is a super cool product that I am seriously considering if I go through a major renovation. It is kind of like wallpaper but made with a special material that is great at reducing sound transmission in walls (one of the biggest culprits). It is easy to install and can achieve up to a STC 53 rating!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is AcoustiBlok mass loaded vinyl

No, they are not. The company says that it is a special soundproofing material. It does share characteristics with MLV, but is made of different materials as well as density.

What is AcoustiBlok made of?

AcoustiBlok is a U.L. Classified (UL # CLBV.R21490), viscoelastic polymer made of recycled plastics and non-toxic minerals that are mixed and pressed into a membrane sheet. They are used for sound isolation projects.

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In Conclusion: AcoustiBlok Review

As I mentioned earlier, you are unable to purchase and install AcoustiBlok on your own. From what I have heard though, the representatives over there are very knowledgeable and friendly. A call or enquiry to them should set you up perfectly.

While this post is slightly unusual as it talks about a professional soundproofing solution, you can still read other posts in our blog for more DIY projects!

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