7 Best Battery Powered Weed Eaters

7 Best Battery Powered Weed Eaters

Weed eaters (string trimmers) are a necessary tool for any homeowner who wants to maintain a crisp, manicured lawn without worrying about unruly edges overgrown with lanky weeds. Searching for a good model can be a tedious task, however, considering that they are so many prototypes currently available and not all are created equal. 

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This guide will help you find the perfect weed eater without too much fuss, though not just any weed eater. These days it’s all about cordless, battery-powered weed eaters rather than the traditional gas-guzzling or corded versions, which are a lot less environmentally-friendly while being a lot more cumbersome to lug across your yard. 

Besides that, they are friendly to everyone’s ears too, so you won’t have to worry about waking up your neighbours or family when you tidy your lawn early in the morning or even late in the evening. 

Cordless weed eaters have several advantages over their predecessors and not nearly as many drawbacks, which has helped them to gain much more popularity in recent years. Thanks to advancements in battery technology, they tend to also be longer-lasting than ever before.

If you’re looking for a new tool to help you spruce up your lawn or home garden but want something easy to use that won’t slow you down, why not try out one of the best battery-powered weed eaters on the market? You’ll be able to tame those pesky weeds as soon as they pop up.

I have prepared an in depth article that discusses the key features you need to look out for, plus review of 7 different models of weed eaters that are able to suit most users’ needs. Pay extra attention to key feature 6!

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Quick overview of the models

Why should you consider Battery Powered Weed Eaters?

Corded weed eaters and gas-powered models are quickly becoming a thing of the past for a variety of reasons. Gas tanks are typically quite heavy when filled and cords can severely restrict your mobility, especially if you have limited access to outdoor outlets. That’s not to say that cordless weed eaters didn’t experience their fair share of problems in the past, either. 

Initially, cordless versions were criticized for their short battery life but nowadays improvements in lithium-ion technology have rectified this issue, making them valuable for prolonged use. These advances have also helped make battery-powered weed eaters cheaper over time as well as led to a significant increase in their performance.

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As a result, there’s been a surge in their interest since now battery powered weed eaters are superior to their competitors in many ways. No more annoying cords that you have to struggle to carry around your lawn and, compared to gas-powered models, they’re smaller which makes them more lightweight and less bulky. Cordless weed eaters also generally produce less noise and zero emissions, meaning that they’re eco-friendly and won’t pollute the air like gas-guzzlers. 

You’ll literally be able to breathe easier knowing that your new battery-powered weed eater isn’t negatively impacting the environment. Now you won’t have to sacrifice your air quality to get the perfectly-trimmed lawn of your dreams. 

Before investing your hard earned money though, you should pay attention or at least consider some of these key features.

Key Feature 1: Extended Battery Life

When it comes to a battery-powered weed eater, you’re going to need one that isn’t going to crap out on you within a few minutes. This is where gas-powered and corded versions used to be superior but recent cordless models have been engineered to be work for longer periods of time. 


The ideal weed eater should be able to run for a while on a single charge, preferably for at least a half-hour up to sixty minutes without needing to be replugged. 

Anything less just wouldn’t be up to snuff and if you have a larger yard, then is one area you shouldn’t compromise in. Make sure any weed eater you purchase includes at least two battery packs to complete the job which should normally be of the lithium-ion variety.

Key Feature 2: High Battery Power

As necessary as a long battery life is, it’s nothing if the weed eater isn’t strong enough to get the job done right. The voltage of a battery dictates how much power the weed eater is going to put behind trimming your lawn. 

Most come with a voltage of about 30-40V but for tougher jobs, 60-80V is the best. Modern-day weed eaters come in a wide range of available voltages so you can decide just how much juice you’ll need to maintain your yard. 

Key Feature 3: Quick Charge Time

The last thing you’ll want is a weed eater that takes forever to recharge between uses, limiting its usefulness. Some battery-powered devices take only thirty minutes to charge whereas others can take up to several hours. 

A quick-charging battery will allow you to tackle more of your lawn at a time without having to waste a lot of time waiting until your next trim session.

Key Feature 4: Manageable Weight

The weight of your weed eater is another important factor to consider when searching for the perfect model. 

A weed eater that is light in weight is necessary for individuals who plan to use the device over a longer amount of time. Heavier models will only wear the user out so it’s best to select a weed eater that you can wield without too much strain. 

Thankfully, most current versions of battery-powered weed eaters tend to weigh only a few pounds, making them super portable for the majority of users. Say farewell to heavy gas tanks that just weigh you down.

Key Feature 5: Two-Strings

Weed eaters function by spinning micro-filament strings out of spools which then stiffen to cut grass and weeds, slicing them without unnecessarily damaging other objects that might be in the cutting path. 

Some of these trimmer lines are only built with a single string for lighter yard work but for those who need a heavy-duty tool, a trimmer with two strings is more practical. 

That way you won’t have to worry about needing to go over any trouble areas a second time since they’ll be taken care of on the first go-around.

Key Feature 6: Easy Trimmer Reloading

Regardless of which weed eater you end up buying, to properly maintain it you’ll have to replace the trimmer line’s spool at some point. Depending on the weed eater you go with, this can be either a very easy task or any extremely irritating one as some versions have to be fed the line by hand while others don’t. 

Due to this, weed eaters that possess thicker line spools may sound better since they’ll need to be replaced less frequently but they also make for heavier devices so that’s something to take into consideration before buying.

For instance, a few weed eaters have automatic spool feeds which sense the need for more trimmer line and conveniently release the line as necessary. This will save you some effort and reduce the number of times you’ll have to replace the spool since you won’t have to risk over-using the string inside. 

weed eater trimmer

Some weed eaters may completely lack this automated feature but others include a “bump-head” mechanism, which permits the trimmer line to be extended from the spool by thumping the head of the device against the ground as you cut. 

There are also weed eaters that only release the trimmer line when they’re completely shut off, which isn’t as vexing as it seems since electric models tend to start up almost instantaneously. This is another advantage over similar gas-powered versions whose cords might need to be pulled repeatedly.

One type of weed eater you may want to avoid is one that requires the trimmer line to be fed by hand and have the length of the line manually set. These are typically very bothersome to use so opt to get one without this feature as there are several in a similar price range that offer more functionality without having to unnecessarily splurge. Don’t be afraid to get more bang for your buck. 

Key Feature 7: Good Guard Quality

While this is usually the most underrated feature when selecting a new weed eater, a high-quality guard is one of the most important details since it’s made to protect you. Guards are built to block you from ricocheting rocks and other small projectiles that are kicked up by your weed eater. 

Unless you like having pieces of debris launching into your legs, you should avoid getting cut to ribbons by investing in a weed eater with at least a decent guard. This will allow you to keep wearing short-shorts in the summer months when you mow the lawn with much less risk of injury. 

Beware of some battery-powered weed eaters that have dual modes, which permits them to switch between weed eating and edging modes. The guards on these models aren’t necessarily made of the best quality since these weed eaters are engineered to work at two different angles yet many’s guards don’t adequately protect in either position. 

Still, a bigger, harder guard will also add more weight to your weed eater so it might be better to opt for one with a smaller guard if you want a device that’s more lightweight. 

Recommended Gear

GreenWorks 14-Inch 40V G-Max Cordless String Trimmer 21362

GreenWorks has certainly earned its high reputation in the home gardening sector, producing a plethora of weed eaters that come in a variety of device lengths and battery voltages for every price range. Weed eaters in this line also have interchangeable batteries, which is ideal for individuals who work with a range of lawn sizes. 

This model is equipped with a variable speed trigger that allows the user to increase its power output for tougher areas, making for a handy feature. 

It also possesses a fourteen-inch cutting path regulated by a bump-head mechanism and purportedly offers a runtime of up to sixty minutes to meet all your gardening needs.

Black+Decker 13-Inch 40V String Trimmer and Edger LST136W

Like the previous brand, the Black and Decker manufactures a line of power tools that also run on interchangeable batteries. 

Unlike the previous model, however, the Black and Decker weed eater comes built with an automatic spool feed, making it just a bit more convenient for inexperienced users. 

It also can easily switch from a trimmer to an edger in less than thirty seconds, cutting a thirteen-inch swath of weeds at a time, and comes with a “Powercommand” feature that lets the user adjust the power setting with just the press of a button. 

The height of the weed eater can also be adjusted for shorter or taller users alike and it’s very lightweight, allowing it to be a perfect fit for anyone.

Worx 12-Inch 32V String Trimmer and Edger and Mini-Mower WG175

This device is more than a simple weed eater, featuring two other modes which allow it to convert between being a trimmer, an edger and a mini-mower, thanks to its pivotal head and dual-positioned, in-line wheels. 

These provide the weed eater with more functionality than the competitions and its adjustable spacer guard means that you won’t accidentally cut up anything you don’t want to. 

The ergonomic handle can lock in many different adjustments and the length is also adaptable, making it easy to use for people of any height. It comes with two battery packs but their shorter life spans make this weed eater better suited for lighter yard work.

Dewalt 13-Inch 20V Brushless Trimmer DCST920P1

Dewalt is yet another power tool line that has enabled its batteries to be interchangeable between models and the manufacturer has also gained a reputation for making quality products. 

This weed eater is no exception, featuring a thirteen-inch cutting path whose speed is modifiable between two settings and a 5 Ah battery for extended runtimes and an extra power boost. 

Its dual-lined head also allows for double the cutting capacity on small to medium-sized lawns with even the thickest overgrowth. 

Though it comes at a somewhat steeper price tag, its durability and high-quality build more than compensate for this tiny drawback. 

Earthwise 10-Inch 20V Cordless String Trimmer LST02010

This weed eater is the lightest yet and super compact, featuring an adjustable handle that lets the user change the length of the device in a flash. 

It’s also the most affordable weed eater on this list and comes equipped with a nifty steel edge guard that flips down to prevent any debris from kicking back your way. 

The weed eater was built with an ergonomic design, sporting an upper support handle that rotates 180-degrees for easier handling, as well as a safety switch that must be disengaged before every use. It can cut a path ten-inches wide and is perfect for maintaining smaller yards without costing an arm and a leg, a dream for any budget-shopper.

GreenWorks Pro 16-Inch 80V Cordless String Trimmer GST80320

Yet another acclaimed weed eater from GreenWorks, this time from a higher-end production line which also features interchangeable batteries between comparable models. 

This model certainly packs a bigger punch, however, with a high battery voltage that is sure to be able to tackle anything such as vines or dense overgrowth in its sixteen-inch cutting path. 

Similar to its relative, this weed eater also features two speed options, a bump-head mechanism as well as a brushless motor to ensure you can get the job done without creating too much racket in the neighborhood. 

This is no doubt a perfect trade off, especially since this model also features the fastest charge time yet.

Worx 13-Inch 56V String Trimmer and Edger WG191

The raw power of this weed eater can blow its competition out of the water, including the other weed eater produced by the same company yet in a different line. 

Though its manufacturer is already esteemed for their quality, this model can be considered ahead of the rest of their other trimming tools for its on-demand spool feeding system alone. 

This is the only weed eater on this list that allows its feed to be controlled by the mere press of a button and the push of a second button also permits users to switch between trimming and edging modes, just like that. 

The weed eater additionally features dual-positioned, in-line wheels to help steer the trimmer while edging, and its multi-speed settings and rotating head are sure to take care of any problems in your yard with ease.

Customer Impressions

All of the weed eaters mentioned on this list come highly-acclaimed by both critics and users, earning dozens of five-star reviews on Amazon. The crowd favorite might be a toss-up between the Black and Decker weed eater or both Worx models but for differing reasons.

Some criticisms of top models

While all these models are renowned for their multi-functionality, automatic feeds and adjustable lengths, the Black and Decker does draw some criticism for the apparent flimsiness of its trimmer line, which many reviewers said it needed replacing more often than not. 

The low-end Worx weed eater, on the other hand, received some negative feedback as a result of its low runtime, though it is the only model to come with two battery packs included as well as extra spools of trimmer line. 

However, both models also similarly left users wanting for a quicker charge rate, with both taking well over a couple hours to refill their batteries. 

The high-end Worx didn’t experience this problem but did draw some ire some users who were pleased with some trimmer lines’ tendency to malfunction.

Fastest charge rate

Fastest charge rate would undoubtedly go to the high-end Worx and all the Dewalt and Earthwise weed eaters, which take under an hour each to reach full battery life. 

This isn’t necessarily surprising in the case of the Earthwise model since it has the smallest charge capacity of any weed eater on this list, yet the Dewalt and Worx feature both a more high-tech battery pack and adjustable speed settings while lacking a safety switch compared to their competitor. 

Additionally, the Dewalt weed eater also comes equipped with a bump-head mechanism, which might not be off-putting for some users, but the Worx is the clear choice in this category for those who can afford it.

Automation, run time, weight and cost

For those who want a device that is a bit more automated, I’d also recommend passing on any GreenWorks model since they feature the same bump-head mechanism. 

The GreenWorks weed eaters top the list for the longest runtime at sixty minutes.

With regards to weight, Earthwise comes in as the featherweight champion, perfect for people who want the easiest, lightest power tool possible. 

In comparison, GreenWorks weed eaters weigh in at between a staggering ten to twelve pounds which might cross them off the list for many who wouldn’t be able to wield them for almost an hour. 

Other users have also been critical of their high costs when put side-by-side with the competition yet the Earthwise also excels in this category by being the cheapest on the list. 

Battery powered weed eaters: Conclusion

Each weed eater comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, making some more useful than others depending on your needs. Rest assured that whichever one you pick will be bound to get the job done though, just in time for the next summer barbeque in your backyard.

There are plenty of fantastic weed eaters currently available on the market that offer a wide range of features and useful innovations from brushless motors for quieter use to dual modes that render the devices convertible. Each model has its own perks but the best battery powered weed eaters all have these characteristics: 

  • A high voltage battery or two
  • Auto-feed trimmer lines
  • Long battery runtimes
  • Low weights
  • Quick recharge times

Anything less would be selling yourself short so don’t hold back when selecting the best battery powered weed eaters to handle all your trimming, edging and even mowing needs. 

All of them are readily available on Amazon with a complete list of specs in case you’re curious. 

Your lawn will be crisp and neat in no time at all, without needing to wake your family or disturb your neighbors.