How to Soundproof Barn Doors in 9 Practical Ways​

How to Soundproof Barn Doors in 9 Practical Ways

In this article, we will share simple and practical steps to reduce the amount of noise penetrating your barn doors. 

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Barn doors have become the go-to trend in a bid to bolster the interior design of houses.

They are easy and fun to use and come with a big deal of novelty.

The downside? They are noisy.

If you have one in your house, you know that they let in noise from the outside or the next room easily making the whole house seem noisy. 

Fortunately, there are simple ways you can reduce the amount of sound passing through them without breaking the bank. 

Read on for more about this!

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Ways to soundproof barn doors

In this section, we will look at eight practical ways you can go about soundproofing your barn doors.

Method 1: Seal cracks and gaps

First off you need to seal all gaps and cracks.

While they might seem insignificant, they are a good pathway of sound, making your room noisy.

After you have marked all the gaps, it’s time to seal them with a weatherstrip (we will share the most affordable weatherstrip door kits).

Weatherstrips are easy to install. Just cut them according to the gap measurements.

Ensure that you use the same weatherstrip for all gaps since they can make your door seem messy.

Method 2: Fill the gap between the door and the floor

The space between the door and floor allows easy movement of the door, however, it is an ideal area for noise to pass through. 

ways to soundproof barn doors

A cheap and convenient method is to use a door sweep. They are readily available on sites such as Amazon and eBay.

Measure the size of the gap and door to purchase a door sweep that can precisely cover it. 

This draft slides on the floor or carpet without leaving scratches. 

Alternatively, you can place a piece of thick cloth or fabric in front of the door when it is closed.

This will ward off all the sound waves from the outside keeping your room silent.

Method 3: Use soundproof blankets

This is a conventional method but still does the trick.

They work similarly to the soundproof curtains only that they are thicker and heavier.

These features allow for unmatched noise absorption. Use grommet edges to hang them.

Alternatively, you can nail them on the barn door.

Method 4: Use soundproof curtains

Another inexpensive yet ideal way to soundproof your barn door is to use soundproof curtains.

use soundproof curtains on barn doors

They are made of thick fabric that wards off noise from the outside.

The good part?

They come in different sizes, colors, patterns, and texture, as such, there’s an option for everyone regardless of the budget.

First, measure the size of your door so that you can buy a curtain that fits it. 

To significantly bolster soundproofing, you can use two panels.

Method 5: Use acoustic panels

Another inexpensive way to soundproof your door is to install acoustic panels.

You can either use fiberglass or foam panels.

Foam panels are ideal for reducing echo while fiberglass is ideal for blocking sound and noise. 

Most of these panels are self-adhesive making installation a piece of cake. However, if they are not, attach them using hanging strips or green glue. 

Again, measure the barn door before buying. 

Method 6: Opt for a thicker door

The thicker the door the less the amount of noise will pass through.

While you can entirely replace your door with a thicker one, why not attach more wood one it?

Note: This applies to wooden barn doors.

You can do this by attaching plywood or MDF. Here, MDF is the better option since it is denser.

That said, plywood is also efficient at blocking sound. 

Measure your door and cut precise MDF or plywood pieces. 

Apply green glue on the inner side of the fiberboard and attach it to the door using nails or screws.

Method 7: Lubricate the joints regularly

Noise in your room not only comes from the outside but also originates from the barn door itself.

This is especially common with doors that are not lubricated.

The noise is produced due to friction between the rollers and the door rails. 

So always lubricate your door to avoid this annoying noise as well as mitigate tear and wear.

Method 8. Finish off with acoustic foam corner blocks

Not only do these foam corner blocks add an additional layer of sound absorption to your room, it also “cleans up” the look by making the area look more professional. 

These foam blocks are very useful at reducing noise and echo, plus the fact that they are easy to affix to any surface with adhesive tapes. 

Not sure if this point fits in here, but these foam blocks are fire resistant too, adding a layer of safety to your household too. 

Method 9: Proper installation

Ensure that the barn door is installed properly. An Improper installation often leads to gaps and unwanted friction between the rails and roller.

For this, you can consult an expert or opt for a more expensive but quality door. 

Some of the quality ones even come with soundproof material. So you won’t have to buy soundproof blankets or curtains.

Now, let’s look at some of the most effective blankets, weather strips, and curtains for soundproofing.

Recommended gear

Weatherstripping tapes

Self-Adhesive Weatherstrip

This 33 feet long weatherstrip is not only an idea for blocking noise but also wind, dust, cold, insects, and others. 

It is aging, water, and windproof keeping your door as intact as possible.

Ideal for security doors, closets, normal doors, and more.

KELIIYO Door Weather Stripping

It is ideal for blocking outside noise, preventing collision, and entry of wind, dust, insects, and cold. 

Like most strips, it is applicable for use on windows, doors, and closets. 

Draft Stoppers

Suptikes 2 Pack Door Draft Stopper

The two layers significantly reduce the amount of noise entering your room.

Besides, it keeps you safe from cold and excess heat.

It is self-adhesive so you’ll not need to purchase glue or other fixing materials. 

You can use it on interior and exterior barn doors. 

Zengest Bottom Door Strip 

The silicone material not only keeps off sound waves but also heat and cold. 

Used on windows, doors, wardrobes, and other furniture, it prevents collision and entry of wind and dust.

It will keep your room quiet regardless of the weather since it is weather-proof. 

Soundproof curtains

NICETOWN 3 Pass Microfiber Window Curtains

This type is explicitly made of quality polyester material. 

It blocks at least 85% of UV light and ideal for noise-reduction. 

Not only will it prevent outside noise from coming in but also mitigate sound spillage to other rooms.

The curtains help regulate the temperature of the room by ward off heat and cold hence protecting your furniture and electronics.

They are easy to install, wash, and do not form wrinkles easily allowing them to maintain an awesome look.

BGment Blackout Curtains

Want to have a peaceful afternoon nap? Get yourself these blackout curtains that block excess light and outside noise.

They are lightweight, durable, soft, and made of 100% microfiber.

The grommet feature allows for quick installation.

They save energy since you don’t have to use heaters or fans to keep your room warm or cool.

WONTEX Blackout Curtains

It comprises of three layers for ideal soundproofing and thermal insulation.

The front is made of a soft material, the middle comprises of high-density back yarn, and the back comes with a smooth fabric layer.

They are fade-resistant, easy to wash and keep the room temperature steady all day. 

Besides, they ward off outside noise keeping your room quiet and cozy.

Moving blankets

Sure-Max Packing  and Moving Blankets

As the name suggests, they provide maximum noise reduction and protection of items against shock during transportation.

Whether you have a glass, plastic, or wooden door, this type will significantly reduce the entry of sound waves.

New Haven Textile Moving Blankets

Although it comes in a conventional design, it is a cheap option for soundproofing and protecting your door from damage.

It is lightweight and robust enough for use on doors.

Acoustic foam blocks

Column Acoustic Wedge Studio Foam Corner Block

These foam blocks are proven and tested to work, and favored by professionals alike. 

With a reasonable price, they add a touch of style to your rooms, while still acting as an excellent sound absorption tool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What materials are ideal for soundproofing?

You can use MDF panels, vibration pads, green glue, foam panel, and fiberglass panels. 

How can I soundproof a room cheaply?

Add carpets to your room, use blackout curtains, and use weather stripping material for your windows and doors. These are cheap and effective ways to soundproof on a budget.

There are some household items that you can make use of so that you don’t have to spend a cent. 

Which are the most convenient places to buy soundproofing materials?

I typically pick up mine from online sites such as Amazon are the most ideal since you’ll get cheap yet quality items. Home Depot is a also a great spot to look for value deals. 

Soundproof your barn door: Conclusion

Soundproofing your barn doors does not have to be an expensive affair, neither does it have to be a difficult task. 

With the above materials and tricks, you can do it for less than $100 and spend less than an afternoon on it. 

Are there any other methods that you know of? Which of these methods works best for you?

Now that you know how to soundproof barn doors, make this your weekend project!

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