8 Best Noise Cancelling Earmuffs For Sleeping

8 Best Noise Cancelling Earmuffs For Sleeping

How well are you sleeping? We would all probably like to improve our sleep, even just a little. Do you live near a busy street? Have overactive kids or a partner that snores? 

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Trouble sleeping in a hotel  or airplane due to surrounding noise? Imagine if you could silence the snoring, or sleep in any hotel room without fail. If any of these situations sound familiar, then you could probably benefit from noise canceling earmuffs. 

You’ll find there is a wide-range of options. On the two extremes are cheap, basic earplugs on the one end and on the other, large expensive Bose Noise-canceling headphones. We’re going to focus on the more realistic, comfortable options: from earmuffs to sound canceling cloth headsets. 

Dive in below to see what options are available and the good and ugly of these products!

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At a Glance: My Choice for the Best Noise Cancelling Earmuffs 2020

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Is this article going to help me?

Below I will provide an overview of some of the most popular sound canceling options for better sleep. This article is for anyone that has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep due to noises in their room or nearby. 

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What are the benefits of this sleepwear? Do I really need these?

The benefits of better sleep are clear:

  • Better job performance and ability to focus 
  • More energy and fun with family and friends
  • Better health and overall life satisfaction as the result of sound sleep 

These sleep devices will offer you the following:

  • More control over your environment even if it is noisy
  • Better flexibility regarding when, where, and how well you fall asleep
  • Greater flexibility for your spouse and other roommates (because their noises are less likely to bother you)
  • Greater quiet or even white noise and music while sleeping
  • Will not interfere with sleep like bulky headphones 
  • Are much more comfortable than earplugs 

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What issues or features should I consider when choosing my device?

Key Feature 1: Comfort and Cost

There are many options out there. 

But two of the primary considerations on people’s minds when considering sleepwear are comfort and cost. 

The options below are described by most reviewers as cost effective and comfortable. 

Large headphones will completely cancel noise but are often cost-prohibitive and are not comfortable in bed, particularly for side sleepers. 

Earplugs are relatively cheap, but tend to be uncomfortable and are easily lost. 

The noise cancelling earmuffs below are designed specifically to help with sleep and not interfere with it. 

While all of the items below are moderately priced compared to the options just mentioned, they offer differing levels of comfort, depending on your needs and expectations.

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Key Feature 2: Music or Silence

Are you someone who likes to fall asleep with white-noise? 

Soft music? A podcast or anything else like this? 

Then you most likely will prefer a headband with speakers. 

As you will see below these are often cloth, comfortable, and designed specifically for sleep, unlike the larger headphones. 

The comfortable headbands include speakers that are Bluetooth-enabled and will pair with any Android or Apple device. 

You can then set a timer on the music, white noise, or podcast you’re listening to before sleep.

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Key Feature 3: Level of sound muffling

How much sound muffling do you want? 

You can get basic earmuffs which might help block out the general soft noise of traffic or a distant TV. 

Or you may want something with ear cups or even music to silence the world around you. 

The question is how much sound do you want blocked? 

Do you want to be absolutely certain you can hear a baby monitor, or are you OK with soft music playing all night long?

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Key Feature 4: Both Ears and Eyes?

Many of the noise cancelling earmuffs available will cover both your eyes and ears. 

However, that’s not a requirement. Is your bedroom pitch-black or does it let in light? 

When you’re on a flight or in a hotel room, does the ambient light cause you a problem? 

If light causes you a problem while sleeping, you may want to opt for something with an eye cover as well

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Recommended Gear

Below I will go through a range of products, starting with the simplest, and working up in complexity and features. 

1. Earbag Earmuffs

Earmuffs are your most basic option. Usually they’re not designed specifically for sleep, but do have the benefit of muffling some noise. 

If you have no idea where to start, or aren’t worried about blocking out louder noises or listening to music as you sleep, then you may wish to start here. 

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  • Very lightweight and helps muffle sound
  • No wrap-around band; the muffs connect directly to the ear
  • Compact design allows for easy storage and transportation  
  • Come in multiple sizes

What I like

These are very cost-effective and very comfortable. They do help muffle distant sounds and even help keep the ears warm if your bedroom is cool. If you’re a heavy sleeper who just needs a little extra help with sound muffling, this might work for you. 

What I don’t like

These aren’t specifically designed for sleep. They won’t block out sound completely, only lightly muffle it. If you’re a light sleeper, they will not do the job. Also, unlike most of the items listed here – these are not machine washable, only hand-washable.

2. Wrap-a-Nap

These are just small jump up from the earmuffs, but are specifically designed to help with sleep. They look a little like fuzzy tire around your head, but nearly every person who uses these talks about how comfortable they are. The circular design wraps around your eyes, ears and back of head.

wrap a nap

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  • Design blocks all ambient light, muffles sound very well and is thick enough to act as its own pillow, which is particularly useful during travel
  • Extended Velcro fasteners let you choose the shape and fit, making it a neck pillow or a reading pillow. 
  • Portable. Wrap-a-Naps will roll up into a small, compact roll and can be safely stowed in drawer or suitcase if traveling
  • Good for blocking out light and sound while traveling or blocks our snoring at home
  • Machine washable

What I like

It is easy to see how comfortable this pillow is. It connects to your luggage if you want to take it on a plane, or wraps up and fits easily into your suitcase or for storage at home. This device blocks out light extremely well. 

If you’re looking for something that will truly help block out sounds, this might not quite be what you need. However, if you’re only looking for something to muffle sounds, this device does that quite well! 

What I don’t like

This pillow is not very comfortable for side sleepers in bed – unless you’re willing to toss aside your regular pillow. If you do that, then this could work for you, but try it first before you make any final decision. While this wrap is very comfortable, if you’re sleeping for an extended period of time, this item might get too warm for you. It is big and fuzzy after all! 

If that is an issue for you then this would be better suited for short sleeps (on a plane) or naps during the day. While this device helps to muffle sound, and does a good job of it, it is not something that truly blocks out sound. If you’re looking for that, then this product is not for you.

3. Lisiter Ear Cups, Muffs, Eyemask

These product types often cover both eyes and ears, but also include items that are called “ear cups.” These earcups attach to the traditional earmuff in the product and add additional levels of sound blocking. 

Earcup Muffs are more likely to be what you need if you want silence without a lot of cost. They need a bit of adjustment, but work if you stick with them.

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  • Eye Mask and EarMuffs two-in-one: These block out light for a dark sleep but also help block out quite a bit of sound
  • Designed to fit snuggly to prevent light leakage
  • Earmuffs to muffle sounds; includes ear cups that can be added to reduce additional noise
  • Features two easy-to-adjust quality elastic straps to ensure a comfortable fit for anyone.

What I like

With the earcup and muffs double sound blocking, this product provides a good balance of sound dampening while still allowing you to hear things like a baby monitor or morning alarm. 

This doesn’t truly “block” out sounds, it just lowers the levels to the point at which you can ignore them if you choose. 

They do a good job blocking out annoying sounds like snoring or a TV in another room. These are described as comfortable and lightweight, making them easy to fall asleep with, but also easy to travel with. They take up very little space and they’re even comfortable for side sleepers. 

What I don’t like

The main issue I had with this product is that the earcups can be a bit finnicky. You really need to have a good “seal” between the cup and your ear for them to fully work. Once you have that fit, they do a good job cutting down on sound. 

However, if you lose that fit, the sound dampening quality drops significantly. This seal is often affected by people who roll around or change positions a lot in their sleep.

4. Hibermate Earmuffs, Ear Cups, Sleep Mask

This is a similar product, and your choice depends on which of the finer details fit your expectations.

hibermate earmuffs

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  • Two lines of defense for sound blocking: earmuffs and also ear cups
  • Smooth silicone earmuffs designed to reduce noise
  • Earcups can be added to the earmuffs to block out up to 20 decibels; cups are flat and thin to enable side sleeping
  • Eyemask blocks out light and has nose cut out for comfort and to prevent light seepage
  • Two adjustable straps for comfort and perfect fit
  • Fully machine washable – wash, dry and wear

What I like

I found that this is very comfortable and blocks out light very well. If you stick with using it, although it takes some time to get used to, it worked very well once you’ve adjusted and found your perfect strap setting. 

What I don’t like

As noted previously, unless the cups are well adjusted, the product does not block out a lot of sound.  While, the product was well-priced, I do question the value because it is not returnable and the company is potentially unresponsive to customer inquiries.

5. Fulext Sleep Headphones

The most popular option out there for sleeping better with any type of headwear are cloth headbands with built-in speakers. The speakers are flat and small and usually do not affect side-sleepers. The headband and the speakers help dampen outside noise and are comfortable to sleep in, exercise in, and take while traveling. Unlike, full headphones they are not large and bulky and fold up nicely when not in use. 

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  • This headband will cover your ears and contains thin, flats speakers, that will help block out ambient sound even if they’re not turned on.
  • Headband allows you to listen to your music without having to wear additional headphones
  • Great if you’re trying sleep while blocking out the sounds of children, dorm life, shared apartments, noisy roommates, snoring spouses etc. 
  • Bluetooth technology enables pairing with any Apple or Android device 
  • Quickly charges to 10 hours of music playing time 
  • Headband is comfortable and washable

What I like

Overall, I really liked this product. The headband and speakers are very comfortable even for people who sleep on their side. The sound quality is good and the product offers good volume control options. The battery lasts a long time and the headband itself is easy to wash. The material is comfortable, breathes well, and even wicks away sweat. In case you wanted to know, there are over 3000 reviews with an average score of 4.5! That’s pretty impressive if you ask me.

What I don’t like

If you use the timer function for music, the device will say “connected” after the music stops playing, meaning it might wake you up if you are asleep. The other thing is, if you want to pull the headband over your eyes, you can, but it is not specifically designed for that role and you may have light leakage. While the speakers are comfortable, they do not move inside the headband, meaning you have to get the headband aligned just right so that the speakers sit on your ears properly. 

6. Sleep Headphones with eye-mask

One of the limits of the product above was its eye-mask limitations. This product offers most of the benefits of the one above, but also includes a fully cutout eye mask for comfort and complete darkness.

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  • Comfortable headband covers your ears and includes ultrathin speakers for sidesleepers
  • This is designed as an eye-mask too and has a cutout for your nose 
  • Quickly charge to over 10 hours of playing time
  • If battery runs out while you’re sleeping, there is no beeping or alert that may way you up
  • Pairs well with any Android or Apple device 
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wash. Velcro is adjustable.  
  • Speaker position is adjustable for your ears

What I like

One of the few limitations of some of the “speaker” products listed here is the adjustability of the speaker position. Because the speaker is usually sewn directly into the band in other products it will not move within the band. However, this product can be described as comfortable and as having speaker positions that are very adjustable. You can use this a regular headband at night or even while exercising, if you push the eye cover up.

What I don’t like

While the music quality is good, the volume level is somewhat limited and does not get loud enough for some users during specific activities. Also controlling the speaker levels is somewhat difficult without removing them.

7. Sleep Headphones, 3D Sleep Mask

This product is similar to the ones above, but offers an upgrade in the sleep mask component.

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  • Strong Bluetooth speakers with ergonomically designed 3D eye Mask for comfort
  • Bluetooth pairs with all Android and Apple products
  • High-fidelity stereo sound with more than 10 hours playing time
  • Sleep mask has a full coverage and nose area, effectively blocking out light 
  • Skin-friendly breathable fabric is comfortable to wear

What I like

I like the fact that this product is very comfortable and has a nicely customizable strap. The speakers are easy to adjust and the entire mask remains cool through the night, adding additional comfort. The Bluetooth pairing is on point and the speakers quality is quite high for how small they are.

What I don’t like

You have to be aware that the speakers does not includes noise canceling technology. It does not – but this technology is absent from all of the items on this list. That type of technology requires larger, expensive headphones that are not really conducive to sleep. 

If not adjusted perfectly, the nose area sometimes let in light. This is because the eye mask is a little bulky and will sometimes shift when you move in your sleep. 

The battery charge degrades over time and the batteries do not last as long after several months. It will alert you by saying “power off”, but should not affect you much if you had charged it before sleeping.

8. Joseche Sleep Headphones Ear Warmer

If you’re looking for a balance of what you’ve seen above, with something that will keep your ears warm and cozy, then this is the product I would recommend.

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  • Three in one: Sleep Headphones, Fleece Ear Warmers Headband, Sports Headband
  • Syncs to any Apple and Android device
  • Handles incoming phone calls
  • Stereo high-quality speakers
  • Device controls are on the middle of the headband and therefore are less distracting for side sleepers than those with the controls on the side  
  • 2 hours to achieve a full charge with 10-12 hours playing, 
  • Compressive pressure to protect your ears and provide breathability.
  • Machine washable 

What I like

The product charges really quickly, and the controls are easy to use to adjust sound or even change tracks. The speakers are comfortable and the sound is very good. They provide quiet and relief from the surroundings, but do not block out louder important noises such as alarms. I was actually quite surprised at how loud the music could be, which stands in strong contrast to some of the concerns in the other products above. Great for drowning out ambient noise.

What I don’t like

The main drawback is that these run a little warm for them while sleeping. If you’re on the warm side, these might not be good for a long sleep. But this is really not a big issue since you won’t feel it much as long as you sleep in a cool room. Another thing is that the speakers are not attached in the headband and will sometimes move around, if your head is on the smaller side.

Noise Cancelling Earmuffs: Conclusion

So, as you can see you have many options from which to choose. 

Head size, eye comfort, music or not, cost, travel flexibility – all issues to weigh and determine how important they are to you. 

If you’re still not sure, feel free to click on the Amazon links to each of the products you’re considering for more images and details about the products.

Hope you find the right noise cancelling earmuffs soon!

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