Best Office White Noise Machine: Updated for 2021

6 Best Office White Noise Machine

In this article, you’ll find out all about the best white noise machines and exactly why you might want one for your office. 

Imagine you’re at work, it’s Monday morning and over the weekend you’ve accumulated a mountain of work that’s just begging for your attention. 


You’re about to dig into the workload when your colleague in strolls to chat up a storm about his weekend, uncaring of the pile of papers clearly in front of you. 

As he goes on and on, another email pops into your inbox, alerting you to the fact that every second you delay is another second you’ll have to spend working late. 

You finally manage to wave off the loudmouth and you’re about to refocus on the task at hand when a telephone rings through the ultra-thin walls and somebody proceeds to have the loudest conversation. 

Perhaps someone else also begins coughing not too far away while another person starts pounding away on their keyboard and another one keeps printing documents from the clamorous copy machine just down the hall.  

You glance at the time only for you to see that it’s barely 10 AM yet your concentration is already shattered for the day.

A white noise machine would certainly help to drown out all those often distracting office noises such as phone calls or chatty coworkers, and the device’s steady sound is proven to help users maintain productivity in any setting. 

If you’re looking to transform your office from a chaotic workstation to a peaceful haven, then don’t hesitate to take a gander below for reviews on the best office white noise machines currently on the market. 

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What do white noise machines do?

White noise machines work by decreasing the sound difference between ambient background noise and constant or sudden sounds.

The devices can generally produce a variety of calming sounds to soothe the user such as the soft pitter-patter of rain, the wispy resonance of wind blowing through leaves or other similar calls of nature. 

Most of these devices don’t actually produce white noise, which can be hard on the ear with prolonged use, but actually emit pink or brown noise which are known for being less abrasive at higher frequencies. 

White noise is created by generating noises of equal intensity across the entire sound spectrum that can often just sound like radio static at higher frequencies, whereas pink and brown noises’ intensities decrease, allowing high-pitched sounds to be softer and more balanced for easier listening.

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Improving your productivity at work

improve productivity at work

Regardless of which white noise machine you choose from this list, rest assured that it will boost your productivity since they all have enough noise-masking abilities to block outside interference as well as your inner voice. 

They’re designed this way to help you concentrate on a singular task and are barely audibly-perceptible. 

This means that white noise machines are especially useful for open-floor offices where you and your closest workmate are only separated by a few feet and paper-thin half-walls that barely constitute for cubicles.

Disruptive noises easily travel in these environments but now they can be conveniently tuned out with the simple press of a button.

Did you know that noise levels in offices are 60 – 65 decibels? Thats similar to when you dine in a restaurant!

For those who are more worried about keeping sounds in than out, white noise machines can also help provide privacy to confidential calls with clients. 

These machines can prevent sensitive information from being overheard by others in the vicinity and likewise stop information from leaking in, which is bound to save your company lots of money in future lawsuits. 

Either way, it’s best to keep some things under wraps and white noise machines are capable of doing exactly that. 

Check out some key features to look out for before proceeding to the reviews of the best office white noise machines.

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Key Feature 1: Sound Quality and Settings

It’s necessary to remember that a white noise machine will be another source of sound in an already noisy environment so let’s make sure that it won’t just end up annoying you and your coworkers. 

This means that the best white noise machines don’t only produce good sound quality but also have adjustable volume settings, instead of being stuck on a singular one. This way you can freely increase or decrease the noise level without drawing any ire from your colleagues. 

Still, for those who want a device that offers more than just the sound of waves, sound conditioners and acoustic sound machines are also a terrific option. They additionally provide the best sound quality of any noise device and allow the user to choose from more options than merely white noise. 

No matter which device you decide to get, you’ll want to aim for one that has non-looping sound claims or produces sound digitally since these will prevent the sound machine from driving you mad with its repetitiveness. 

Equally important is the device’s noise-masking capability and an ideal one should offer at least white, pink or even brown noises to block out background chatter. All of this is monumental to ensure that you’ll be able to concentrate on your work in the most peaceful office environment. 

Key Feature 2: Professional Appearance

It’s best not to forget that offices are first and foremost professional settings and any devices within them should adequately reflect that. 

Therefore the best white noise machines for offices have sleek exteriors which won’t unnecessarily draw the eye the way that flashier models can. 

This means no devices in bright colors or in animal-shapes to avoid provoking a comment from your boss or coworkers.

All the white noise machines on this list are professional in appearance and are offered in neutral colors from tan, gray, white or black. 

Any of these are suitable for an office setting where they will be barely noticed by anyone inside or outside your cubicle. 

As a rule, the stealthier the model, the better the build quality, allowing it to fit perfectly into the scenery. 

best office white noise machine review

Key Feature 3: Portability and Size

Depending on your office setup, there are advantages and disadvantages to having a portable white noise machine or a bulkier, heavier version. 

While bigger models are much more stationary and are built to remain in one place, they also tend to be of higher quality and are therefore longer-lasting than small devices. 

This should be a bonus for those who work in a private office or have no fear of anyone taking the device from their cubicle for any reason.

If you plan on using the device both at work and at home, then consider investing in a sturdy, transportable white noise machine. 

This can easily fit into your bag at the end of a workday, making it a breeze to carry home.

Key Feature 4: Price

The limiting factor when buying any new electronic device is typically its price but buyers should have no fear here as there are several white noise machines on the market that work marvelously without great expense. 

Some of the most highly-reviewed models on Amazon cost only between $30-50USD, meaning that peace of mind doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny unless you want it to. 

For thriftier shoppers, a decent model with good durability shouldn’t set you back too much but that all depends on your particular office needs and which settings you would prefer for the device to have. 

For those who like to splurge, there are also several high-end options that come with a plethora of features to play around with to your heart’s content and to provide you with a more customizable experience.

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Recommended Products Review

LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine

Probably the best-reviewed sound machine currently on the market, the LectroFan is a fan-favorite for office workers and home users alike, and it’s not hard to see why. 

Using solid-state electronics and a central speaker to generate white noise, the LectroFan can produce a variety of noises, including brown, pink or white, and sells for only about $50USD from online retailers. 

It also features different, adjustable volume options as well as an auto-timer setting and can additionally be powered by both USB and AC chargers. 

The device is entirely digital with no mechanical parts which could become damaged with time and has its speakers on the top of its 4-inch wide heptagonal base with the control buttons down the 2.25-inch tall sides. 

The minimalist design is suitable for any professional environment and a great value for its price range. 

  • Reasons to buy
  • Has 10 fan and 10 white noise options
  • Non-looping sound generation
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Many volume adjustment settings
  • Portable
  • No mechanical parts
  • Why avoid
  • Non-adjustable timer of only 60 minutes
  • Has no nature sounds like wind, waves or rain
  • Produces a clicking sound at higher volumes
  • Only available in black or white

lectro fan white noise machine

Check price here

Sound + Sleep High Fidelity Sound Machine by Adaptive Sleep Technologies

Adaptive Sleep Technologies has been well-known for producing great sound machines and has innovated sound technology to create a highly-adaptive device. 

The Sound and Sleep is nearly 5 inches tall with its speakers on top of its 7-inch wide, tear-drop-shaped base and its controls down its center which include a large track dial.  

One of the Sound and Sleep’s several key features is its ability to sense increases in background noise and change its volume accordingly to mask the sound before readjusting once it’s gone. 

This means ambient noise like loud chatter won’t bother you anymore as long as this device is plugged in. 

The machine can only be used with an outlet, however, that’s one of its only drawbacks at a price point of about $80 USD. 

The device also has a “richness” feature that allows sounds to become more complex, meaning that once selected, a rushing waterfall could feature a bird cry or two while a second press would add even more ambient sounds. 

You can even make use of various timer settings for more control.

  • Reasons to buy
  • Has 10 environments sounds including 5 nature and 4 ambient sounds
  • Adaptive feature automatically raises and lowers volumes according to background noise
  • Richness feature adds levels of complexity to sounds
  • Non-looping noise generation
  • Auto-timer can be set for 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes
  • Why avoid
  • Not USB-chargeable
  • Only available in black
  • Too bulky for everyday transport

Check price here

Snooz White Noise Sound Machine

Starting typically around $80 USD, some might call the Snooz expensive but it offers plenty of features to more than make up for its price tag.

One high-tech draw is the device’s accompanying app that lets the 3.5-inch tall,  5-inch wide device connect right to your mobile or tablet via Bluetooth technology.

Snooz is nearly spherical with a flat top and bottom and a circular metal grate around the sides.

The grate can also be spun to change the tone from pitch to noise selection with every rotation.

This office white noise machine generates its white noise via an internal fan inside the casing which is powered by an electric motor, allowing it to emit sounds at ten different volumes for optimal noise-masking.

Snooz additionally features a nursery calibration setting and auto-scheduling options that you can control with just a swipe of your mobile screen.

Whether its cost outweighs its features is up to you.

  • Reasons to buy
  • Includes iOS- and Android-compatible app
  • Has auto-scheduling control
  • Has 10 volumes from 48-87 dB
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Easily adjustable with simple controls
  • Durable brushless motor
  • Can run on batteries
  • Why avoid
  • Only generates white noise
  • Not USB-chargeable
  • Only available in black or gray
  • App is not WIFI-compatible
  • Pricier than its competitors

snooz white noise machine

Check price here

Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine

This next white noise machine is truly a classic with 4-star reviews from over 12,000 people. 

The Marpac Dohm is often considered the best of the best, particularly for only costing about $40USD. 

It’s not too big by any means, with its circular base only measuring about 3.3 inches tall and 6.6 inches wide, making it clandestine enough for any desktop. 

The device has an electromechanical mechanism and works by rotating two asymmetrical fans inside its acoustic casing. 

These fans then generate real white noise directly from inside the device as opposed to digitally-produced sounds from speakers. 

The casing can also be turned to adjust emitted tones and there is a simple switch on the side of the device that regulates the two settings for its fan speed. 

It’s only AC-chargeable but what the Marpac lacks in features, it compensates for in terms of simplicity, reliability and great customer service on the part of its manufacturer. 

What more could you need from one of most well-liked white noise machines available?

  • Reasons to buy
  • Available in tan, white, black or gray
  • Great customer service by Marpac
  • Comes with 1-year warranty
  • Features Marpac’s classic “Dohm” sound
  • Easily adjustable with simple controls
  • Why avoid
  • Only generates white noise
  • No timer setting
  • Only has 2 volume settings
  • No nature sounds available
  • A bit too bulky for daily transport

Check price here

Avantek White Sound Machine

The Avantek is an affordable device with plenty of features that is a steal for its price of $35 USD. 

The device’s square base measures only about 2.4 inches tall and 3.9 inches per side with a high-resolution speaker built on top, along with a streamlined control panel. 

Avantek offers features such as its memory function that can save the previous setting for the next time you want to use it, as well as several recording options from white noise to the sounds of nature. 

The device can be powered by both USB and AC chargers, has various auto-timer settings and offers one of the loudest sound production capabilities of any other white noise machine on the market with a volume that can increase by up to thirty increments. 

Not only is the Avantek sure to mask noises but it also is small enough to take on the go.

  • Reasons to buy
  • 30 different volume settings up to 115 dB
  • Has 20 sounds including 8 nature, 6 white noise and 6 fan options
  • Memory function stores previous settings
  • Easily adjustable with simple controls
  • Auto-timer can be set between 1-7 hours
  • Non-looping noise generation
  • Lower energy consumption
  • 18-month warranty
  • Portable
  • Why avoid
  • Only available in black and blue or white
  • Ambient sounds only available on Pro version

AVANTEK High Fidelity Sound Machine

Check price here

HoMedics Deep Sleep II Therapy Sound Machine

Though this device was originally designed to help its users get better sleep, there’s no denying that it’s also a powerhouse in the office. 

The Deep Sleep II is the largest of all the white noise machines mentioned on this list, measuring in at 8 inches tall and 4 inches wide, with a large speaker grill that takes up most of its front and conceals dual speakers. 

These speakers allow for the treble and bass of sounds to be adjusted and beneath them is a digital screen to denote which of its twelve sounds is being played, how much time is left on the timer, along with the volume and display brightness intensities. 

Below this screen are the control buttons which include a timer and a brightness adjuster, all of which can also be regulated via the remote control that accompanies the device. 

This means your inner peace is within reach with only a click of a button thanks to this mid-ranged product that starts at about $40 USD.

  • Reasons to buy
  • Adjustable display brightness
  • Features bass and treble adjustment settings
  • Includes a remote control
  • Has 12 sounds including 4 nature, 4 white noise and 4 water options
  • Some sounds can be combined for compounding effect
  • Auto-timer can be set for 30, 60 or 90 minutes
  • 1-year warranty
  • Why avoid
  • Too bulky for daily transport
  • No clock on display screen
  • Only available in white
  • Not USB-chargeable

Check price here

Customer Impressions

Portability & Power Consumption

All the office white noise machines listed in this article are proven crowd-pleasers though some are highly-reviewed for having features that others lack. 

Some reviewers mentioned appreciating the portability of the Lectrofan, Snooz and Avantek white noise machines while complaining that the others are too cumbersome to take between the office and their homes every workday. 

These same three devices also have the lowest energy consumption of any other white noise machine, which should come as a relief to those who don’t want to be surprised by a hike in their electricity bill at the end of the month. 

Compatibility with mobile

Other users were impressed by the Snooz’s app which is compatible with most mobile phones but lamented that it only worked via Bluetooth and not via WIFI, giving it limited range. 

The Deep Sleep II received similar reviews as the Snooz’s app since its infrared remote control requires a line of sight to properly function, although many users complimented the added feature since it’s the only white noise machine on the list to offer it.

Reliability and durability issues

The Deep Sleep II also received a lot of criticism because some units arrived to customers already faulty, while others had a tendency to break down within weeks or months. Its manufacturer offers a solid year-long warranty and seems to be willing to readily replace or repair devices within that period, however.

The Snooz also drew some less than positive feedback in terms of durability due its mechanical parts, which are more prone to becoming damaged with time compared to its more digital competitors. The Marpac also contains mechanical parts but has a reputation for being rather reliable and its manufacturer’s customer service comes highly-acclaimed and ready to solve any consumer issue. Both these machines only produce white noise which might be perfect for some or may leave others yearning for more sound options.

Sound choices and non-looping tracks

For consumers who would prefer as many sound choices as possible, there are a few models that have more of an edge on the competition. 

The winner for most variety of sounds is easily the Avantek, which offers twenty sounds in three selection categories from white noise, nature sounds or fan modes. 

Tied for second place would be the Lectrofan with twenty sounds offered in two categories or the Deep Sleep II, which offers twelve sounds in three categories. 

The Sound and Sleep is also highly-rated for its sound options, providing ten sounds from three categories, as well as its auto-adjust feature to cancel out increased background noises.

Not all sound tracks are created equally, however, with only a handful of white noise machines featuring non-looping sound claims to keep consumers from going stir-crazy. 

These include the Lectrofan, Sound and Sleep and Avantek, which are already highly-renowned for their large selections of sounds. 

The Sound and Sleep also has a richness feature to change up the complexity of a sound yet the Deep Sleep II is the only white noise machine that allows users to combine different sounds for more variation.

Noise production

In terms of noise production, the HoMedics Deep Sleep II is also the only device to allow its consumers to control the bass and treble of sounds while combining them. 

It’s therefore arguable to say that it’s actually the Avantek that provides the best volume range with thirty different volume settings whereas its next closest competitor, the Snooz, offers only ten settings. 

This lack of functionality was one of the Marpac’s biggest critiques as it only features two fan settings.

Choice of colors

On the other hand, the Marpac does offer the most color options of any other white noise machine whereas the Deep Sleep II is only available in white and the Sound and Sleep in black. 

All the other devices come in at least two color options which are still neutral enough for office environments. 

USB Charging and timer options

Lastly, the Lectrofan and Avantek are the only USB-chargeable models while the Snooz is able to run on batteries, if necessary, unlike the others listed which must be plugged into a wall. 

The Avantek also provides some of the best timer functions for a white noise machine with the Sound and Sleep also being worth mentioning. 

The Marpac, sadly, has no timer function while the Lectrofan only can be set for sixty-minute intervals, which has left some consumers wanting for more features.

Best Office White Noise Machines: Verdict

While there are plenty of office white noise machines available in local retailers or online, not all are created equally.

Some feature many more functions than others, while some are pretty basic, which can be attractive to users who want a less complicated, more stream-lined device.

Every office white noise machine discussed in this article has special characteristics to let it stand out from the crowd but which one is better for your office all depends on your needs.

Here are some features to take advantage of.

  • The Sound and Sleep’s sound auto-adjuster and richness enhancer
  • The portability and low-energy consumption of the Lectrofan, Snooz and Avantek
  • The Deep Sleep’s remote control and bass/treble adjustment button
  • The Marpac’s excellent customer service
  • The Snooz’s bluetooth app
  • The Avantek’s multiple sounds and volume settings

My personal choice is the Avantek and HoMedics machines, which is yours? 

Regardless of which white noise machine you decide on, they’re all bound to exceed your expectations while blending in comfortably with your office setting. 

All have great noise-masking capabilities to keep pesky sounds from disrupting your workflow and are readily available on Amazon from online retailers or directly from the manufacturer with a warranty. 

You can thus be assured that your cubicle will remain a tranquil oasis of productivity in the future, which will surely be music to your ears.

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