Sound Deadening Curtains: Do They Actually Work? See 5 That Does

To me, one of the most effective ways to soundproof a room is simply by using soundproofing curtains. Most of the time, you can easily find a nice one at a relatively low price (I got one for less than $50 before), and they are pretty easy to install.

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These sound deadening curtains usually have the added benefit of blocking out sunlight, and some models even have insulation properties. What’s there not like about them? But seeing that some manufacturers make big bold claims, it is important to know, do soundproofing curtains really work?

Based on what I have encountered so far and some further research, I can say that sound deadening curtains are excellent at sound absorption, which means they are great at soaking up excessive echo from reverberating around the room. 

On the other hand, they might not be as effective at sound blocking, which means they still let in noise from the outside. 

With this knowledge in hand, is it sufficient to decide if you should be using soundproof curtains?

Certainly not, so stick around to the end to find out exactly if soundproof curtains are beneficial to you at all.

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How do soundproof curtains work?

A soundproof curtain acts as both sound absorbers as well as sound barriers. This is the key feature that makes them soundproof.

The fiber content of the material of acoustic curtains gives it the ability to absorb sound. This polyester fiber has many great qualities such as high tensile strength and is resistant towards fire, abrasion and more. 

In fact, they have an NRC rating of between 0.8 and 1, which means they are highly sound absorbent.

Also, they have the ability to keep most of the sound out because of their thickness, hence acting as a barrier.

The material of soundproofing curtains vary depending upon the environment they’re going to be used in. 

Some common materials used are velvet, polyester, suede, satin, duck cotton canvas and quilted fibreglass. 

Sometimes, loaded vinyl or heavy vinyl are also used to increase the sound blocking capacity.

Did you notice that all these materials are porous in nature? 

The porous nature creates air traps. These air traps then transform the sound energy to heat energy.

Also, the ‘pile weave structure’ of the fabric of these curtains has loops in between. 

These loops help in trapping the sound.

Benefits of using soundproof curtains

Without going into the full details, I will highlight some of the key benefits associated with using sound deadening curtains:

  • Along with blocking sound, they also insulate light and temperature.
  • You can use them for eliminating the echo inside a room.
  • They are easy to install and remove.
  • They look as much decent as regular curtains.
  • When not needed, you can roll them and store very easily.
  • They are way more recyclable than regular curtains.

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Difference between soundproof curtains and regular curtains

The main difference between acoustic and regular curtains is the material of which they’re made of. 

Fabrics like cotton, linen and silk are preferred for regular curtains. On the other hand, acoustic curtains are made up of velvet, polyester, satin etc. 

Regular curtains are mostly needed to get some privacy. So, they just have to be opaque and very less thick. While acoustic curtains need to be thick enough to block out sound and in some cases insulate a room. 

Fabric of regular curtains is tightly woven while the fabric of acoustic curtains is woven in ‘pile weave structure’. 

Sound reducing curtains are sometimes used in multiple layers to provide some extra sound insulation. Though you can do it with regular curtains too but there’s no need for it. I mean spending on multiple layers of curtains for no reason doesn’t make sense, right? 

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How to choose the right soundproof curtain?

A perfect soundproof curtain would be one that:

  • covers your wall neatly
  • blocks sound very efficiently
  • fits well with the overall home decor
  • easy to maintain
  • is durable
  • and fits your budget

You need to be quite careful when shopping though, as some regular curtains market themselves as soundproof curtains, when in fact they do not exhibit any of the characteristics of sound deadening curtains. 

One major giveaway is if the curtain is lightweight. Soundproof curtains are heavy, as that is the quality that sets it apart. So be sure to take into consideration the factors we discussed in this article.

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Tips on choosing the right sound deadening curtain

I have a few suggestions for you when seeking out the right model for your home. I have found that incorporating these actions had helped me to use the curtains more effectively. 

Ensure the curtains are large enough to cover the window entirely

Make sure the sides are not left out as well by having extra few inches allowance on either side

The curtains need to be long enough to cover from your ceiling to the floor

Use ceiling mount curtain brackets instead of regular wall brackets or rods. This will bring your curtain closer to the ceiling and be more effective

Key features to look out for when buying soundproof curtains

1. Measurements: The first thing you need to figure out before buying a soundproof curtain is the measurement. Ideally, I recommend you to buy a curtain at least 10 inches longer than the window length. 

Also, it should be much wider than the width of the window. The target is to cover as much area of the wall as possible. This is because more area coverage means better sound insulation. 

2. Material of curtains: The material of curtains decides how much efficient it is going to be. The material should have a high percentage of fiber in it. Polyester, velvet and suede are some of the good sound insulators. I personally like velvet curtains as they fit better into the overall theme and look of my home.

3. Weight: The weight of the curtains is also an important factor that is often overlooked. More weight means more density which, in turn, makes them more effective. Heavier curtains are also able to keep away low frequency sounds, such as bass, better than the lighter ones. A 5 to 10 pounds weight would be enough for household needs. 

4. Other important features: 

  • You should choose ceiling mounts over wall brackets
  • Thickness should be at least 3 inches
  • Having a thermaweave layer would be a plus point
  • Energy smart curtains will also keep you warm in winters and cool in summers

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Best soundproof curtains recommendations

In my time, I have purchased over 10 sound deadening curtains and tried out a number of brands out there. I can confidently tell you that NICETOWN is the best one in terms of value and cost, so if you are really uncertain even after reading this post, I would suggest that you give NICETOWN a chance. 

Having said that, there are a few other models in the market that I really like and find effective, so here you go. 

1. H.Versailtex Thermal Insulated Premium Linen Curtains

It is a set of two curtain panels with variable measurements as per your requirement. It has 8 unique and classy grommets. 

The rich faux linen material gives it a classy look. The curtains have a solid pattern and a blackout lining. The whole set weighs 4 lbs. 

I found these curtains very durable and energy saving. They can match every home style, be it vintage, classical, sophisticated – you name it! 

Also, you can choose from various colours and patterns.

Buy now

  • What I Like
  • These curtains are very beatheable and airy despite being thick
  • Lots of different sizes to cater for different needs
  • Thermal insulation is up to mark
  • What I Don’t Like
  • The colors might fade out sooner than expected
  • The sound absorption qualities are not the greatest due to its light weight

2. NICETOWN Blackout curtains

The two curtain panels reach measure 52″ x 84″. 

It’s triple weaved blackout fabric can prevent upto 99% of light and all of the UV radiations. Needless to say, it is also a great sound insulator. 

It is made up of polyester and polyester blend. 

You get to choose from 16 different colours, all of which are very stylish, which makes them both functional and fashionable.

The high quality of the fabric is really worthy of praise.

Buy now

  • What I Like
  • Very reasonable price for all the features you are getting
  • Easy to wash
  • Takes little effort to install them
  • What I Don’t Like
  • Not the best looks aesthetically

3. H.Versailtex Thermal Blackout Curtains

These 52″ inch wide, 84″ inch long curtains are made using microfiber polyester fabric. 

Both curtain panels have 8 antique vintage style copper grommets. 

The triple weaved fabric is very effective in keeping out the noise. 

Along with that, it keeps out 90% of the sunlight and gives 100% UV protection. 

Thermal insulation is also something it can boast of. 

It’s beautiful geometric patterns can even make a dull room look very cheerful.

Buy now

  • What I Like
  • These curtains have the softest fabric of all
  • They don’t shrink upon washing
  • You can maintain them very effortlessly
  • What I Don’t Like
  • They get wrinkled very easily, so you need a bit more time to let it stretch out
  • Go for the darker colors for better light blocking

4. Deconovo Thermal Insulated Curtains

These are 100% polyester curtains available in three sizes. 

It comes with 8 anti-rust eyelets on each panel which can fit in any curtain rod. They are easy to move and remove. 

Their energy saving feature will help you save money in your bills. Noise reduction is really good.

They weigh 3.79 pounds.

Being comparatively lightweight, they are easy to handle. 

Overall the finishing of the stitching looks really nice.

Buy now

  • What I Like
  • It is easy to iron off any wrinkles
  • It has very soft and smooth fabric
  • What I Don’t Like
  • Machine wash is not recommended for these curtains so you have to wash them by hand
  • They are not very durable

5. Nicetown Home Decor Velvet Curtain

This curtain set measures 52″ x 96″ and weighs 4.84 pounds. 

Given this information, it is needless to say that they are very soundproof. 

As the name suggests, they are made up of velvet and has a top design of rod pockets.

They give the ability of easy washing, quick ironing and trouble-free to install and remove. 

They also have the feature of thermal insulation and blackout (to some extent). Colour and material is the same on both back and front.

To me, they seem to be very luxurious at an affordable price. The fabric quality is superior and long lasting.

Pair them with curtain liners and you have an almost professional solution at a fraction of the price.

Buy now

  • What I Like
  • A superior soundproofing solution at a not-so-high price
  • They can give 100% blackout when used with curtain liners
  • You can adjust their length
  • What I Don’t Like
  • Blackout quality is not the best, so don’t expect 100% opacity

6. Yakamok Thick Two Layered Soundproof Drapes

These curtains measuring 46″ x 54″ are made of 100% polyester. 

It has 8 silver eyelets with 1.5″ diameter. They have the ability to block sound along with 85-95% of sun rays.

They have same colour and texture on both the sides, eliminating the confusion faced while installation.

They are very thick and also have 2 layers which is the reason for them being noise resistant.

Buy now

  • What I Like
  • They have no chemical coating and are absolutely safe for skin
  • You’ll find that these curtains are very durable
  • The fabric of these curtains is fade resistant
  • Excellent value for money
  • What I Don’t Like
  • Needs a bit of improvement in terms of sound blocking

Which soundproof curtain should you buy?

My personal favourite among all these is Nicetown Velvet Curtains. 

This is particularly because of their smooth and classy velvet material, and they are also soundproof enough to fulfil my needs. 

Above all, they are so inexpensive that I’ve no reason left not to buy them! 

So which one would you choose? 

Whichever choice you make, do not take too long as you will definitely enjoy a new experience of peace and quietness with noise reduction curtains!

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