Does soundproof wallpaper really work? Here’s the truth

Does soundproof wallpaper really work? Here's the truth.

It’s Sunday morning and you’re planning to sleep in when a blood-curdling scream pierces the air just after dawn. Is it a fire or some other emergency? 

Nope, it’s only your neighbors’ kid crying for attention through the paper-thin walls like he does every other morning, robbing you of essential sleep. 

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If this scenario sounds eerily similar to your own life or experiences, it doesn’t have to as there are many tricks to keeping out noise while keeping your sanity. One of them is using acoustic soundproofing wallpapers to help reinforce the barriers between your home and the next closest occupants.

Don’t fancy being a victim of noise pollution any longer? Then go ahead and take a peek at the article below which will take you through the ins and outs of soundproof wallpaper from its pros, cons and easy installation. 

Bid farewell to late-night wake-ups and unexpected noises from the middle of nowhere and say hello to regaining your tranquility in a few, simple steps. 

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Why use soundproof wallpaper?

Acoustic soundproof wallpaper can be a quick and easy solution to a recurring noise problem, particularly one that is coming from the next room. 

Adding thickness to any surface will help increase its sound dampening abilities and soundproof wallpaper now comes in a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns these days so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with your decor.

This had made acoustic wallpaper increasingly popular due to many factors such as its chicness, affordability, and ease of use. 

Many people have begun turning to this solution in order to better isolate their houses, especially since modern-day construction tends to no longer account for good soundproofing. 

As a result, as more and more people move to urban locales, they’re likely to run into the frequent noise problems that often plague cities and large towns from honking cars to screaming babies. 

For those living in multi-story apartment complexes, this is exponentially likely when you reside in a central unit in your building with neighbors on all sides. 

Placing up easy-to-install soundproof wallpaper can be one major step to reclaiming some semblance of calm in a constantly noisy environment.

Who can benefit from using soundproof wallpaper?

Everyone can benefit from soundproof wallpapers from suburban dwellers to city slickers. Even people living in packed households away from the metropolitan areas struggle to find privacy in their own homes due to poor noise isolation from room to room. 

A door slam can sound as loud as a bomb in the middle of the night while blaring music can seem like a fire alarm. Soundproof wallpaper can help to avoid all this ruckus, even for those who inhabit a densely-populated domicile in the city center. 

Those who have rambunctious tots at home are also bound to benefit from noise reduction since children are prone to causing commotions. 

Not only would soundproof wallpaper work to mute some of the noise coming from your playroom or nursery, but it can also keep sounds out. 

No more worrying about your toddler being awoken from his midday nap by the phone ringing from the kitchen or about bothering any early risers with your late-night television binging. 

Individuals who work from home might also want to take a page from a home improvement book by investing in soundproof wallpaper as it can significantly help increase their productivity. 

Less noise means fewer distractions, which consequently boosts prolificness and concentration so you’ll be working in peace in no time.

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How do soundproof wallpaper work?

Soundproof wallpapers are normally constructed from wallpaper mounted with foam or another sound-dampening material. 

The foam variety is the most common and is mainly composed of soft polyethylene built up in several layers to better absorb sounds and shaped into three-dimensional, brickish designs. 

This makes the foam also better able to insulate sound and thermal radiation as well as dampen vibrations, further reducing impact noises and heat transfer all while looking trendy. 

Acoustic wallpaper is also an economic way to revamp a room while gaining the added luxury of blocking out ambient sounds. 

They’ve recently started being considered stylish by many people and high-end versions are sometimes even fashioned with fiberglass fabric to ensure a higher level of noise reduction.

Does soundproof wallpaper really work?

Still, this begs the question, does soundproof wallpaper really work?

In a nutshell, yes, but not as effectively as you might think. While acoustic wallpaper will certainly help to limit the sounds being transmitted through your walls, it’s not a foolproof method to truly soundproofing a room. 

This would require much more construction, including tearing down the old drywall and buying new, often expensive insulation. 

Soundproof wallpaper is instead a happy medium between affordability and not a lot of necessary effort for those who need a fast, convenient route. Installing some will definitely make strikes in reducing the noise coming from the next room but it won’t entirely drown out your neighbors’ shouting match at two o’clock in the morning. 

These wallpapers generally shouldn’t be used in humid places such as bathrooms, either, since moisture tends to make them lose their stickiness. 

Nor are they ideal for hotter places like kitchens since heat additionally makes them susceptible to melting. 

Soundproof wallpaper does have an advantage over another affordable, acoustic alternative, soundproofing paint. The latter requires several coats of paint to be truly effective whereas self-adhesive, acoustic wallpaper is easy to install and even easier to clean since they’re normally water-resistant. 

Users only need to measure their walls to get an idea of exactly how much wallpaper they’ll need and then clean their walls with adequate dusting before sticking on the wallpaper. It’s that straightforward.

So what’s not to like about them? There are several available on the market in various shapes and colors, meaning there’s likely a perfect match for you. Hearing will be believing with these recommended options.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does soundproof wallpaper really work?

Specially-made soundproof wallpaper can help reduce outside noises from entering to an extent but not very-low or very-high frequency sounds.

Does wallpaper absorb sound?

Soundproof wallpaper is made to absorb sounds while ordinary wallpaper is not.

How can I soundproof a room without damaging the walls?

You can install self-adhesive soundproof wallpaper which can be easily removed or self-adhesive acoustic foam panels.

What’s the cheapest way to soundproof a room?

Installing soundproof wallpaper or applying a coat of soundproofing paint are the most affordable ways to begin to soundproof a room.

Soundproof wallpaper: Conclusion

Regardless of which acoustic soundproof wallpaper you decide to go with, you can rest assured that it will help combat noise pollution from outside to an extent. 

While it might not be the best method to soundproof a room, it is arguably one of the cheapest and the least cumbersome to install as it doesn’t require a single tool outside of your hands. 

All of these wallpapers are readily available on online retailers such as Amazon so if you’re ready to get serious about soundproofing but don’t want to spare too much expense, then these just might be the thing for you.