How to make your PS4 quieter? Simple tricks that work

How to make your PS4 quieter? Simple tricks that work

You are fighting the violent battle of God of War’s Kratos against the Greek monsters. Or playing a heated up Fifa match with your buddies. 


But suddenly, you notice this constant annoying noise that creeps you out. 

Like a jet is landing in your room. But wait, that’s not the roar of a thunder jet. It’s just the noise coming from your gaming station. 

Also, the noise is noticeably louder than the discernable hum of a running computer. 

Getting more prominent at night right when it’s the prime time of your gaming hours. 

Plus, the unit is too hot to touch. 

Alarming, huh? Well, you are not alone in the struggle as many of the users are facing this same issue.

So let’s find out the reasons behind such a loud noise and how to quiet your PS4.

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make your ps4 quieter

Why is your PS4 making so much noise?

The main reason for the throttling noise is dust. 

Yes, the very same dust that gets settled on your furniture, car and kitchen shelves every day. 

Being abundantly present in the environment (even more than oxygen I guess), that unavoidable dust also ends up onto the console placed on the table of your bedroom. 

Settled not just on the outer part of the PS4 but also in the interior as well. 

So what normally happens is that we end up cleaning the visible dusty part of the machine; the exterior one. 

However, the dirt on the interior side, being completely invisible, is piled up till it reaches its limit. The limit is reached when the fan starts making noise, requiring you to clean it up thoroughly. 

The other less significant reason is the demanding games. 

Games that have outstanding resolutions with amazing graphics and sound details will cause the Playstation difficulties in playing them and emitting loud audible noises is giving you a sign for that. 

You can ignore the sound for the sake of experience of such games, but if you find your fan blowing too hard, it is draining out your PS4 and you need to stop them instantly. 

Now that you know the culprit behind the issue, it is time to move on to the part of fixing the problem with these quick solutions.

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How to make PS4 quieter without taking it apart?

A well ventilated space for your PS4

Allow lots of free space for ventilation

When the temperature of any machine rises, the fan inside the body starts operating. 

It tries to cool it off by spinning the air through it. 

However, if something is blocking the air path, a table-cloth, your leather jacket or a book you were planning to study, the fan starts spinning at a faster rate, trying its best to lower the temperature. 

In the process, your PS4 is making loud fan noises.

Thus, in order to fix this, you must clear the surrounding area of the console. Then wait for a few minutes to check if the noise level goes down. 

If it does, congrats, you fixed it. But if it does not, try the next fix in the series.

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Shift the console to an upright position

playstation 4 console
Don’t leave your console lying flat

Most of the users, including myself, place the console in lying position. 

Maybe it’s more aesthetically pleasing but it provides very little space for air to ventilate. 

So for those who are experiencing the loud noise issue or heated console, try placing your console to an upright position. 

The vertical placement will allow more space for air to flow, thus lowering the noise as well as the temperature of the console.

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Clean the outer part using a compressed air can

This is another way of fixing the noise issue without opening your PlayStation4. 

I am deliberately avoiding opening the main console because it will nullify the product warranty. 

So what other ways can you use to dislodge the dust?

If you are thinking of a vacuum cleaner, please don’t. 

The internal components of a console are very sensitive and the powerful suction of a handheld/stick cleaner will dismantle the delicate electronic parts.  

However, there is an alternative method; a can of compressed air

Simply turn off your gaming station to spray the compressed air into the clogged inlets and outlets of the PlayStation. 

The spray will unclog the dust. 

Turn your gaming station back on and the fan will eventually blow the unclogged dust, making room for air to flow smoothly.

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Opening up the console

As discussed in the “why” section, the loud noise is probably because of the dust imprinted on the inside of the body.  

So after applying these quick fixes, if you are still experiencing the same issue, it is time to thoroughly clean the inner and outer parts of the PlayStation4 by opening the console. 

It is a bit of work, but don’t worry, I am here to guide you through the process. So let’s begin:

  • Warning: For those whose warranty period is not over yet, you need to send the PS4 back to the company and report them the issue. They will resolve it for you. Otherwise, once the console is opened, you will no longer be able to claim that warranty.

Step 1: Uncover the seal at the lower back and there will be 3 screws at the rear side. Loosen all these screws using a T9 security screwdriver

Step 2: After undoing these screws, detach the casing from the machine. Be gentle and careful, the console is a sensitive part.

Step 3: Now, the fan will be visible to you and so will be the heavy layers of dust on it. Using the can of compressed air, thoroughly clean the entire inner region. Clean all the vent areas and specifically the fan and the area adjoining it. Blow the air everywhere except the Disc Drive. 

Step 4: Clean the underside of the casing with a damp cloth. 

* Never lean the air can over the PlayStation, it might spray liquid on it. 

Step 4: When you are done cleaning, give it a rest for almost 15-20 minutes. Reattach the outer casing to the rest of the body. Fasten the screws and you are done. 

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Recommended Gear

Here are the tools that you can use to clean your PS4 and prolong its lifespan. Click on the images to check the pricing and specifications. 

Compressed air can

compressed air

T9 Screwdriver

t9 screwdriver kit

PS4 Dustcover

PS4 Vertical stand

PS4 Anti-vibration pad

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are there any measures I can take to prevent this issue from happening?

Yes, besides the first 3 solutions highlighted above, you can consider a few add ons to minimise this risk: 

  • Using a dust cover to reduce the amount of dust flowing inside. Although you cannot eliminate the dust from our environment but you can surely think of ways to minimize it. 
  • The vertical stand is used to mount the PlayStation on the wall giving adequate space to the air to flow and thus lowering the risk of loud noise. 
  • Placing an anti-vibration pad below the PlayStation will absorb the heavy vibrations of the body as well as allow more air to flow inside.

Can I cover the PlayStation4 console with some random cloth or material other than the dust cover?

I strongly advise you not to do so.

The dust covers are specially designed items that only block the dust from entering the machine. 

However, any other item will not only block dust but also the air which will only worsen the condition. 

Also, these dust covers will protect your PlayStation from liquid spillage, Ultraviolet rays, and scratches. 

Can I use any other item other than compressed air can for cleaning?

My advice is to stick to using compressed air cans, so they are designed specially to fix such issues. Do not attempt to use any kind of vacuum cleaner as they may dislodge critical parts of the machine.

What if the issue remains unsolved? What if the PS4 still makes loud noises?

If you have adopted all of these above-mentioned tips, including the inside cleaning of the gaming station, then you need to consult the Sony PlayStation division. 

It might be some other mechanical failure that needs your attention.

How to stop mic from picking up background noise in PS4?

Sometimes when playing multiplayer games, you might unknowingly be breathing down the mic, something that other players do not want to be listening to! 

In order to stop this from happening, there are a few quick and simple fix. Follow these steps:

  • Press and hold down the PS button on your controller
  • You will see a “Adjust Microphone Level” option
  • Move the slider to the left. This is done to reduce sensitivity of the mic from picking up unnecessary noises
  • When you are not talking, mute your headset/mic


The loud noise of the PS4 is largely caused because of the dust gathered on the ventilated areas of the console. 

First, try the quick fixes that don’t require opening up the entire console. But if the problem remains, clean the region minutely after opening the PS4. The above-mentioned tips will guide you through each step.

I hope that you are able to make your PS4 quieter after reading and implementing these fixes. 

If you have anything useful or related to the topic, do share with me in the comments section. 

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