Soundskins vs Dynamat: Battle of the sound deadeners​

Soundskins vs Dynamat: Battle of the sound deadeners

If you are a car enthusiast and probably a music lover, obviously you will never want to miss any chance to listen to your favorite songs while traveling. 

Most people choose music as the best entertainment to kill boredom when you are on the road. No matter if you are going to your office or going on a long road trip with your family, everyone loves to enjoy music when they are in the car.

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But, what if the external noises hinder the quality of the internal acoustic? What if you are not satisfied with the sound quality of your car’s stereos?

Will you go for replacing your complete stereo set? I don’t think so. That’s way too expensive. 

Are you aware of soundproofing mats but don’t have knowledge about what would be the best for your vehicle? 

They do a good job at blocking out road noise and they don’t cost a bomb. Plus, you can actually install them yourself on a weekend afternoon. 

Two of the best known soundproofing mats in the market Soundskins and Dynamat

Today, I will be sharing with you the difference between the two, and hopefully help you to make the right decision on which is the right one for you.

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Sound Deadening Materials – Best Solution to Improve Sound Quality in Vehicle

Many of you might have discussed with your local mechanics or friends about some of the sound-deadening materials. Thus, you might have become familiar with these materials or a concept, while some might be wondering about the actual meaning or purpose of these materials.

For your knowledge, these are some of the sound deadening materials.

In this post, you will get to know about the idea of sound deadening, which can also be known as sound conditioning.

Did you know the average decibel level in a moving car is 70 db?

Sound deadening works great in blocking the external sounds in the car and helps in keeping its interior quiet by reducing the noise, vibrations, echoes and shakes on the road. You can also say that it is an effective solution which is quite beneficial in improving sound quality.

For better understanding, simply imagine that you are whispering to another person in your car without any disturbance of road noise or annoying rattles, or you are listening to your favorite music with better sound quality. 

You know what? It can only be achieved if you use sound deadening.

In this guide, we will discuss SoundSkins and Dynamat, two of the best sound deadeners in the market. So, if you are confused about what to buy to solve the issue of the low sound quality of the stereo in your car, this guide will definitely help a lot in making the best choice.

So, continue reading and choose the best soundproofing mat to fit your needs and budget.

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SoundSkins vs Dynamat Comparison Table

More about SoundSkins

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SoundSkins, established in 2015, is an Australian company that offers one of the best vehicle soundproofing materials.

Due to its high-quality soundproofing products for audio speakers of vehicles, the company has gained a very good reputation in a short time.

These products are quite effective in reducing the noise on roads and tires, thus keeping your car cabin quiet.

SoundSkins uses superior foam and butyl, making it a reliable, water-proof, heat resistant and long-lasting deadener. The adhesive used for its coating on the required surface ensures that it is secure in that particular area.

One thing that you must know about this product is that it is not only helpful in reducing throbbing vibrations, but you can also enjoy its 100% quality guarantee that goes a long way to enable your speakers to perform awesomely.

You can find two types of SoundSkins products, one is SoundSkins Lite and another is SoundSkins Pro.

Both offer similar features, but the only difference lies in the additional layer of foil that can only be benefited if you buy the SoundSkins Pro version.

Key features of SoundSkins

  • It is a great product to maximize the absorption of noise and improves the interior acoustics of a car.
  • It has an acoustic foam layer which is added above the butyl and foil design.
  • It comes with high strength adhesive that enables it to hold resolutely on the surface of the vehicle.
  • It is 100% waterproof and heat resistant, in addition to this, it doesa not absorb moisture.
  • These soundproofing mats are quite flexible to install as they are available in rolls, thus can easily be cut into your desired shape – whether for the door or the floor of your car.
  • It reduces the echoes because of the highly dense foam.
  • In addition to these, this durable product also has a protective aluminum coating.

Pros and Cons of using SoundSkins


  • Best material for sound deadening
  • 100% waterproof
  • Heat resistant
  • Both products, SoundSkins Lite and SoundSkins Pro are easy to install
  • It is affordable


  • You have only two products to choose from, either SoundSkins Lite or SoundSkins Pro
  • Size of coverage is relatively smaller than Dynamat, which means you may need to buy more

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More about Dynamat

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Dynamat, established in 1989, is one of the most well-established brands for sound deadening products in the market. No doubt, many similar products are now available to improve the sound quality in the vehicle, but since its establishment, Dynamat is a well-trusted product for car enthusiasts.

It offers various products to deal with the problem of annoying noise and vibrations from different sections of your car. The quality and range of products are the major reasons that make it a highly recognizable brand in the sound deadening industry. You can enjoy this benefit by paying a bit more money than other similar products, but it’s worth the money.

Dynamat soundproofing mats are not only helpful in reducing automotive noise but are also effective in enhancing the quality of your vehicle’s audio. Whether there is a noise from the engine, vibrations or due to the movements of a car, it is highly capable of blocking all these noises, along with absorbing echoes in the vehicle cabin.

Moreover, the heat insulation feature is something that brings a wonderful experience of using this product in the hot summer days as it keeps your car cool regardless of the high temperature outside.

Key features of Dynamat

  • Dynamat has a variety of products, thus providing you options based on your needs and budget
  • All if their products are oil resistant and waterproof, so you need not worry about any damage to the mats from these substances
  • It comes with a lasting and strong adhesive that keeps the mats intact even if there is a high temperature
  • It has a protective coating of aluminum that improves heat resistance
  • It is made up of a flexible material and can easily be used on any surface – flat, corners and even curves
  • It is highly capable of absorbing the echoes and vibrations, thus giving you a calm environment inside your car
  • Apart from soundproofing, Dynamat also works effectively in decreasing the rattling of subwoofers and improves the overall bass effect of your car stereo system

Pros and Cons of Dynamat


  • Great for deadening the noise
  • These soundproofing mats are easy to install.
  • No chemical fumes
  • Water and heat resistant
  • Offers a great number of products
  • Undoubtedly good quality mats
  • Improves rigidity


  • It is a little expensive as compared to other soundproofing mats
  • It is a little harder to install and you may require a professional for the installation of these mats

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Head to head comparison between SoundSkins and Dynamat

Now, after going through the background and details of these two popular sound deadening products, it would be good to compare them based on some key factors. It will help you decide what you to choose to reduce the disturbing noises in your car and enjoy a quiet environment.

Let’s start.


These products are available in different sizes and dimensions, where bigger size is better for saving some money.

The size of Dynamat is typically 36 sq. ft, whereas on the other hand, SoundSkins comes in at 11 sq. ft. Buying various small-sized noise deadeners can cost you more buying a bigger one. 

Winner – Dynamat


The thicker the product, the better noise absorbing ability it has. So, while choosing the soundproofing mat, you must check for its thickness.

Dynamat has 0.069 inches thickness, while SoundSkins material is less thick than this, at 0.059 inches. Though you will not find a significant difference between their thicknesses, you must be aware of this.

Winner – Dynamat

sound deadening for your car stereo

Ease of installation

When we talk about the ease of installation, SoundSkins seems to be quite easier to install, even if you are a newbie. Though Dynamat is not that difficult to install, you may need the help of an expert or can use online tutorials, which may be a hassle for newbies.

Winner – SoundSkins


Now, if we are going to compare the effectiveness of these two products, both come out to be quite effective in blocking the external noises and improving internal sound quality. 

Whether it is SoundSkins or Dynamat, both perform effectively and offer a highly satisfactory outcome. Moreover, both come with water-resistant and heat resistance abilities, thus do a tremendous job dampening the noise.

Winner – Tied


When it comes to the pricing, both are available at roughly the same cost, around $3 per square foot.

So, if the price of such products matters to you, you can choose either SoundSkins or Dynamat. 

For those, you consider only the purchase price of these products, both would be the same; in that case, there is no clear winner for this factor. But, if you hire a professional for the Dynamat installation, the total price can rise.

Winner – SoundSkins

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SoundSkins vs Dynamat: Conclusion

Hopefully, the information about these sound deadening materials and their comparison will assist you to determine the best choice for you.

If you are looking for making your entire car soundproofing (car hood, doors, windows, and floor), then Dynamat would be the best option in terms of size and thickness.

If you have a limited budget and eagerly want to experience the use of sound deadening products, you can go for SoundSkins as you can easily install it without any expert’s help and can save money.

Lastly, it’s your personal choice, no matter whether you choose SoundSkins or Dynamat, both will improve your car’s acoustics and will give value for your money.

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