Top 5 Best Quiet Hair Clippers for Toddlers

Top 5 Best Quiet Hair Clippers for Toddlers 2021

Baby’s first haircut – always a memorable occasion. 

A baby or toddler’s first haircuts are among only a few of the many fun and challenging experiences parents have with new children. 

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However, I had not expected my toddler’s reaction to the clippers. He did not like them at all! As soon as the buzzing noise began, he became apprehensive. 

However, I got him to calm down, distracting him with a toy, but the clippers did not work well on his soft fine hair. Luckily it did not pull his hair or scratch his head, but I know parents complain about that. The second time I tried it, it was even worse and I did not cut his hair at all.

I did not want to take him to the barbershop—the cost compared to what I wanted was not valuable. So, I began to look into options. 

I was afraid he wasn’t going to get a haircut until he got older and grew out of his fear of clippers! I wondered: Do they make quiet hair clippers for toddlers? How do I tell if something is good or not—I certainly did not know a lot about clippers. 

However, after doing research, I found several options. They’re light, cordless, waterproof, safe, and quiet! Cutting his hair is now a breeze. 

Let me share with you what I found below.

At a Glance: The Best Quiet Hair Clippers

In a hurry? My choice for the Best Quiet Hair Clippers is:

Brillante Baby Hair Clipper

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Why you should get a quiet hair clipper

Your toddler needs a haircut. Picture days are coming up; he or she will be playing outside soon; the weather is getting warmer. There are plenty of reasons you want to work on your child’s hair, not to mention keeping he or she cute and clean. 

My parents just shaved my head when I was a kid and that was it—you might be in the same boat as me. Life with a toddler is crazy and fun—but the last thing you want to do is take him on an unnecessary and potentially costly trip to the salon unless you absolutely need to. 

Any single pair of clippers below costs about as much as two haircuts at the salon will cost for your child. And you won’t need to leave the house, and after those two haircuts, it is just money in the bank. 

best quiet hair clippers for toddlers

The desire for quiet, useful clippers is probably universal—does anyone actually want loud clippers? However, there are those children who truly need quiet clippers. Children who have autism or sensory issues may be affected greatly by louder noises and vibrations. These clippers are not specifically designed for children with autism, however time and time again reviewers noted that these are much better for children (and parents) in that situation.

Toddlers and babies move around constantly even on the best of days. They are curious and nervous about the sounds around them. These razors are quiet, obviously, but are also designed with safety in mind and are less likely to hurt or scratch the children. 

These products are in particularly high demand right now, many with slower shipping than normal, because of COVID-19, the coronavirus. Several of the newest reviewers indicated that they could not or did not want to go out to have their child’s hair cut for fear of infection. Many expressed their gratitude at being able to safely, quietly, and easily cut their child’s hair at home. 

So, if you want a safe, quiet, economical way to cut your child’s hair at home—this article is going to help.  

Hair Clipper Key Features

When choosing clippers, there are several key features you want to evaluate to make your selection. Safety—you certainly don’t want to pull your child’s hair or accidentally scratch him or her. Sound—clippers can be quite noisy and vibrate quite a bit, neither of which the toddlers react well to. Design—you want your clippers to be easy to hold and control and it’s best if they are waterproof. While cutting your child’s hair, the last thing you want to worry about is dropping non-waterproof clippers into the water, or even on the child’s skin. 

Key Feature 1: Safety

Nothing is more important than the safety of your toddler. Most clippers are designed for adult hair, which is not as soft as toddler hair. 

Adults do not usually squirm while getting their hair trimmed, but toddlers do. You do not want the clippers to pull the child’s hair, or scratch his or her head. 

You do not want to worry about the plug catching on him or her or anything else.  

The options below are all made with ceramic blades and rounded tips and corners – these all serve to protect your child from hair pulling and scratches. 

These clippers are specially designed with rounded corners, safe shapes, and extra teeth, all of which make for a safer, gentler cut. 

Key Feature 2: Sound

Toddlers are sensitive to sounds they do not understand. Some children may also have autism or are extra-sensitive to noise—even beyond the general annoyance the buzzing can be. 

A normal conversation is about 60 decibels, a quieter one is 50, a whisper near 20. None of these are as quiet as a whisper—in spite of what any of the advertising says. 

These range from just below 50 decibels to 55 decibels. That may not sound like much variation but it is very meaningful when taken in context. 

Anything that buzzes, vibrates, touches your head, and is near to your ear is going to be loud for a toddler, or a child with sensory issues. 

But at that close range a small variation can make a large difference. To put this further into context normal clippers reach up to 75 decibels, enough to drown out a quiet conversation. 

So, anything below 60 is a major achievement, which all of these clippers attain. 

Key Feature 3: Design

Your child is squirming. There may be a bath nearby. When the clippers click on you do not want him or her to hear them or be frightened of their vibration. You want something that is cordless so that you are not tripping on and neither is the child. You want something that is light and easy to hold and will not slip in your hand. It should be easy to clean and definitely waterproof. The clippers below all include these necessary components. 

Key Feature 4: Accessories for different cuts

The clippers below all come with different accessories. Most of them come with combs to control the length of the haircut, providing quite a bit of variety. Cordless means rechargeable, which means you need a charging cord. You may find that you need other accessories such as cleaning materials or storage to hold all the items together. Several of these products come with a storage pouch and cleaning and maintenance tools such as oil, brush, and wipes.

Best Quiet Hair Clippers for Toddlers:

Below I will go through my most recommended clippers and then will discuss what users have had to say about them. All of them are sound choices, but you may find that you prefer one or the other for a particular reason. 

1. Elebebe Baby Hair Clippers Quiet and Professional

This product is among the highest recommended for toddler clippers. This product comes with three cutting heads and three guide combs. This means nine different cuts and lengths. Plenty of style options for your toddler! 

This is one of several clippers specifically designed to be safe around your baby or toddler. The ceramic blade sits in a rounded corner design, protecting your child from scratches. Low Noise Technology provides advanced noise reduction. 

This particular trimmer runs at 50db (quieter than a normal conversation). Because this is waterproof, it can be cleaned in water without any issues. This comes with a rechargeable battery and USB cable. 

elebebe hair clippers

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  • What I Like
  • Two of the three combs are double sided, providing 5 different options
  • Cuts hair smoothly without hair pulling
  • Only 50 decibels during use
  • What I Don’t Like
  • Plastic handle easily chipped if dropped; no longer waterproof
  • Slippery handle when wet

2. Mom&Home Kids Hair Clipper

This waterproof child’s hair clipper keeps noise 55 decibels. The ceramic blade is designed to protect children from pulled hair and scratches. It comes with two guide 3-6mm and 9-12mm.  Long lasting battery at 60 minutes of use. 

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  • What I Like
  • Makes for a fast hair cut
  • Small light and quiet
  • What I Don’t Like
  • No wall plug
  • 55 decibels makes it louder than some of these quiet options

3. Meetcare Baby Hair Clippers

This particular clipper is uniquely designed with 28 teeth, unlike the normal 20. This is patented technology to make the cuts more suitable for baby’s soft hair and skin. Like the others listed here, this too has a widened R-shaped round corner design for clipper head. 

The low noise technology motor keeps the clippers working without much vibration and with working noise only about 50 decibels. The entire body of this baby hair clipper is waterproof and can be dipped in the water for a short time during cuts or to clean.  The rechargeable battery works for more than 60 minutes. 

meetcare hair clippers

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  • What I Like
  • Light weight at 4oz
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Quiet at 50 decibels
  • What I Don’t Like
  • Shorter guide combs than some others on this list
  • Shorter guide combs limit cut-size flexibility

4. Brillante Baby Hair Clipper

This clipper is designed like the others on this list with a ceramic cutter rounded to protect the child’s head. 

Safe serrations on the blades are designed specifically to protect the child’s head from being nipped. 

Extremely quiet at under 50 decibels, meaning children are very likely to not be afraid of the noise. The head is removable and the body can be washed as it is fully waterproof. 

With 3 attachment guide comb (3-6mm, 9-12mm and 0mm comb and 1 regular comb), this offers extreme versatility in choice of cut. Comes with a USB charger.   

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  • What I Like
  • Less than 50 decibels: very quiet
  • Multiple combs for flexible haircut choices
  • Large kit of accessories
  • What I Don’t Like
  • Slow to charge: 8 hours for 60 minutes of use

5. Philips Kids Hair Clipper

Philips is a widely recognized brand for many household tools and appliances. The specially designed tips are rounded for safe cutting. 

This model is IPX7 waterproof certified for safe use in water and quick cleaning under the faucet. 

This clipper has been designed to be safe and quiet to use. It comes with several accessories, including an ear contouring comb and a longer 18mm comb than some of the others. It is designed to be particularly easy to wash. 

The storage pouch is a hard container rather than soft, meaning it protects this from drops or bumps during travel. The charging time is 8 hours. Operates at 55 decibels. 

philips kids hair clippers

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  • What I Like
  • Includes numerous accessories including hard protective pouch, longer combs, and an ear contouring comb
  • What I Don’t Like
  • Contouring comb for the ear doesn’t work as well as advertised
  • Louder than some on this list at 55 decibels
  • Not as powerful as other clippers

Customer Impressions

Best Overall: Brillante

The Brillante Baby Hair Clipper seems to be the standout product on the list. It is the quietest, promising less than 50 decibels during use. 

It meets all of the safety criteria that the others do: ceramic blade, rounded clipper head, and it is waterproof. 

Priced much the same as the other clippers, it comes with accessories most of the others do (USB charger, multiple combs etc.). 

However, it stands out in that it has more combs than some of the others, and it comes with a full suite of cleaning products: cleaning sponge, brush, cloth, and oil. 

Several reviewers noted that they use this product on a child who is autistic, and otherwise averse to loud distracted noises. Reviewers indicated it is very easy to clean and cuts quickly. 

The only negative complaint was from a single user who found that the clipper failed to work after being dropped. 

Runner Up: MeetCare

The MeetCare Clippers is a close second in this review of baby hair clippers.

It is particularly unique for its 28 teeth in the clipper rather than 20, meaning it is designed for softer, finer hair, with less threat of tangling. 

It’s fast charging, at 2 hours charging with 60 minutes of use – great if you have more than one child, or forget to charge it and need to use it in a hurry. Reviewers noted that the combs are rather short, and do not offer longer extensions. 

It’s 50 decibels puts it in the middle of the noise level for these different clippers.

Fast charging hair clipper

The Mom&Home Clippers charge the fastest – 1.5 hours for 60 minutes. Rather than the standard, this comes with four cutting heads and two fixed-length combs. 

It is the noisiest of the ones listed here at 55 decibels. 

This is still considered quiet, but keep in mind a normal conversation is 60 decibels, so the child will definitely notice the noise. 

It simply depends on how averse the child is to it. This does not come with a charging cord or cleaning supplies. 

Low on my list

While the Elebebe is advertised at 50 decibels, several reviewers indicated it is not as quiet as they had expected and potentially louder than advertised. Unlike the first two discussed directly above, reviewers tried them with children who are autistic, and found that this was still not quiet enough. 

However, several noted they are still more quiet than their traditional clippers. Also, some reviewers felt the 12MM guard is actually shorter than it promises to be, leaving this without a longer extension. Reviewers also noted this fails to hold a charge over time.

Phillips might be a well-known quality brand, but several reviewers took issue with the quality of the product. While several of the other brands above are more focused on related products, Phillips makes everything from these child’s clippers to televisions and lightbulbs. 

Reviewers felt the battery did not last the advertised amount of time, and the charging became less efficient. The clip attachments do not always stay on, and this is louder than most. However, there were many positive reviews, praising its performance, ease of cleaning, and storage accessories.

Best Quiet Hair Clippers for Toddlers: Conclusion

There are many clippers out there to choose from. All of the ones listed above come highly recommended with a number of important features to choose from. You may have a variety of reasons to choose special clippers for your child. You may want safety from scratches and hair pulls; your child may have autism or be particularly sensitive to sensory overload. You may simply want the quiet convenience of clipping hair in your home.

The best hair clippers for a toddler’s hair include the following traits:

  • Ceramic blades
  • Rounded head for safety
  • Multiple comb extensions
  • Multiple head extensions
  • Waterproof body and design
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Rechargeable battery with at least an hour of use 

The clippers reviewed here all include these traits and are available through online stores such as Walmart, and are generally in a affordable price range, plus they usually come with free shipping. 

Hope this review has helped you in picking out the best quiet hair clipper for your toddler. Snip away!

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