How to soundproof a dog crate: Easy steps you can follow

How to soundproof a dog crate: Easy steps you can follow

If you’re a dog owner, you are no stranger to the occasional loud barking or whining. 

However, if you’ve just recently become a new dog owner, you may be frantically looking for different ways to minimize the barking noise. 


Why not soundproof the dog crate to reduce your furry companion’s barking and whining? 

Read on to find out why soundproofing a dog crate is important and the different steps you can take to achieve to create a peace of mind for you and your new pup. 

We’ve come up with a list of ways you can soundproof your dog’s crate while keeping in mind the overall comfort of your pet in the process. 

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Why soundproof a dog crate?

Just like humans, many dogs experience extreme anxiety when they are exposed to auditory triggers such as loud noises. 

For example, thunderstorms, fireworks or loud trains can cause them to be distressed. 

Additionally, if you live in an apartment building, your dog’s loud barking noises can also be a potential source of disturbance to your neighbours. 

If you live in right in the middle of the city where loud noises are a part of daily life, it may be a growing concern for you as you think about the best conditions to create for your pet’s comfort and well-being. 

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how to soundproof a dog crate

Who will benefit from soundproofing a dog crate?

For many dog owners, creating a safe and comfortable environment for your furry companion is at the top of your priorities.

By soundproofing the dog crate, your pup will be more protected from loud outside noises or during thunderstorms. 

In addition, you will hear a noticeable decrease in barking or whining. Decreasing pet anxiety while maintaining a peaceful environment in your home? 

Sounds like a win-win solution? 

Whether you’re a seasoned or a new dog owner, soundproofing your dog’s crate will help create a more serene environment while protecting your pet from loud noises that may cause high levels of anxiety. 

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How does it work?

Just like soundproofing a room, a soundproof dog crate can prevent any noise from inside to pass outside or vice versa. 

You can achieve this by covering up the gaps in the dog crate with soundproofing material such as blankets or acoustic foam panels. 

If you decide to go with the acoustic foam panels, note that they are the most inexpensive soundproofing material around. 

Here are some tips on how you can soundproof your pet’s crate with acoustic foam panels. 

What are the steps to soundproof a dog crate?

  1. After measuring the crate’s dimensions, cut the foam using scissors accordingly. 
  2. Use some binder clips to place them on the crate. 
  3. Thereafter, place the foam on the floor from the inside covering all of it. 
  4. Then cover the walls and roof, you’ll need to overlap them to avoid exposing cracks.

Acoustic panels are inexpensive, effective, and also come in a wide range of colours and fabrics to choose from. 

You can even get custom made acoustic panels with images printed on them. 

A soundproof dog crate intercepts the noise between you and your dog or between your dog and outside noises. 

The dense material used actually reduces how sound travels. 

But, note that adding such soundproofing material on your dog crate will dampen noise but not completely block noise out. 

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What else can I use?

Alternatively, you can also buy moving blankets that will also do the trick. 

Start by wrapping the exterior of the crate in a blanket, then neatly tuck all the corners inward. 

These blankets are usually made of absorbing materials to help with sound deadening. 

Always make sure that there is room for plenty of air flow in front of the crate to create a comfortable environment for your pet. 

Not only can you soundproof your dog’s crate or kennel, hanging a blanket can also darken the crate and help your pet to relax. 

If you want to further lower the costs, you can use some old sheet or blankets that you may already have lying around in your house rather than spending on these sheets. 

Although they will not be as effective, they will still reduce noise. 

Some key things to take note of

You will also need to ensure that there is proper ventilation for your pet.

While soundproofing your dog crate, it is essential that you create a comfortable environment to prevent your pet from overheating.

Although you are looking to soundproof the crate, it should not come at the expense of your pup’s health and well-being.

Soundproofing can make it very hot especially if you are already living in a warm environment.

Make sure to leave some gaps for ventilation purposes.

Even though this will not make your dog crate 100% soundproof, it will still absorb or dampen any noise while keeping your dog cool.

What about soundproofing a dog kennel?

You can also use this same method if you want to soundproof a dog kennel. 

Soundproofing a dog kennel is different than a dog crate as the additional space and room will increase its noise level. 

Given the hard surface in the kennels, the noise level can get extremely high. 

Specifically, when sound waves interact with the hard surface of the kennels, a majority of them get reflected causing echoes, reverbs and vibrations. 

If installing acoustic panels is not enough to reduce the noise, a simple yet effective way could be the installation of acoustic tiles on the ways of the kennel. 

Made of recycled cotton material, the acoustic tiles adhere on the walls seamlessly.

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Recommended Alternatives

Alternatively, if DIY projects to make a soundproof dog crate cover is not up your alley, I can recommend some products available on Amazon to do just the job. 

These are inexpensive products that have received rave reviews from customers. 

The Pet Dreams Crate Bedding Set

This metal dog crate comes complete with a padded cover that can be attached to the crate. 

Made of a breathable fabric, the cover will not make the crate hot, keeping your dog cool while maintaining a soundproof design. 

The Pet Dreams Crate Bedding Set is a great option especially if you are on a budget. 

The padded blanket is different from the ordinary ones that you already have in your home. 

Made of a padded construction, the blanket has an exterior layer made from soft fabric. Its internal later is made of a thin layer of padding. 

This makes it excellent for absorbing and blocking sound waves. 

Moreover, the blanket is easily removable and can be washed or stored away easily if you are only looking to pad the crate occasionally. 

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Dog crate bed

Combined with a crate cover, a dog crate bed can make a substantial difference in absorbing noises. 

Moreover, you can use it to make the crate more comfortable and softer to sleep for your pet. 

To maximize its sound-absorbing properties, make sure to look for a bed that is made of cotton, synthetic fiber or foam. 

Always remember to leave some room for ventilation and avoid preventing the natural airflow. 

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Heat resistant soundproof mats

Soundproof mats are another way to soundproof a dog cage. 

Its insulating properties will intercept any sound entering or escaping. 

Moreover, the mat is waterproof, making it easier to clean and maintain.

Like acoustic foam panels, you can simply cut the mats to match the exact dimensions of the dog crate and attach them using binder clips to keep them in place. 

An alternative to this would be to use any rugs that you might already have in your home. 

Combined with a crate cover, soundproof or absorption mats can enhance the noise-minimizing properties. 

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Petsfit Indoor/Outdoor Soft Portable and Foldable Crate

Still worried about the overall comfort of your dog? 

There are many soft crate alternatives on the market today. 

In general, they have some padding to begin with, making them more comfortable and quieter than wire crates. 

Investing in a soft crate would be one of the easiest solutions. 

They have the ability to fold easily, so you can store it away whenever it is not needed. 

The Petsfit crate is made of a simple metal frame and a mesh material for its walls and top, making it good for ventilation

Check price here

Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate

This is another soft crate option that you can consider.

Providing a more comfortable environment for your pet, it will also ensure that your dog’s barking is quieter than it would have been with an uncovered wire crate. 

At the same time, it will also reduce outside noise for your dog too. 

One benefit of the Noz2Noz soft crate is its mobility, allowing you to protect your dog from outside noises anywhere you go. 

noz2noz soft crate

Check price here

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Kong Toy

You should already have some toys for your dog by now, but if you haven’t, you can consider getting this super durable chewing toy for your pup. It satisfies their natural instinct to chew and provides them with much required mental simulation.

In times when there is loud noises like thunder, the toy can act as a soothing tool to calm your little pup. 

The Kong Toy can very soon become your doggy’s favorite very soon and can double up as a fetch toy too. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a large breed, how can I soundproof an entire room?

Owning a large breed such as a Great Dane comes with a different set of considerations. 

If the space permits, you can use a small room or large closet for your dog. 

You can purchase acoustic paneling for these spaces and line the walls and ceiling with them. 

Alternatively, a more affordable option is to hang moving blankets on the walls and ceilings. 

If you live on the second floor of an apartment building, you can add a dense rug in the room or enclosed space to make it even more sound absorbent. 

I live in a city where the climate is warm all year round. How do I soundproof my dog’s crate while still making sure it’s a comfortable space for him?

When you are covering the dog crate with a blanket, you can leave a few gaps to provide a good airflow with plenty of ventilation. 

If the space permits, you can also leave the front door of the crate untouched for adequate airflow. 

You can also look into heat-resistant soundproof mats to keep your dog nice and cool.

I want to soundproof my dog’s crate but am worried that he might overheat. How long can I leave my dog in a soundproof crate?

Although you may want to cover every hole or gap, you have to remember that it will not be possible to completely soundproof the crate. 

This makes soundproofing a dog crate challenge because you need to factor in ventilation for your dog too. 

On average, you can leave an adult dog in a crate for up to eight hours. 

For younger pups, it will be less since they tend to be more anxious and will require more supervision on your end. 

In addition, crate training your dog will also help them feel more comfortable in an enclosed space. 

The best word of advice is to not soundproof the front door. 

To allow adequate ventilation for your dog, simply soundproof the walls, ceilings, and the floors. 

What is the best soundproofing material to get?

There are a few factors you should consider when figuring out which material to use. 

First, you must be able to clean it easily. 

Ideally, it is machine washable so it will be one less thing for you to worry about in terms of maintaining the cleanliness of the dog crate. 

In addition, the material should be water repellant and resistant to mold. 

By keeping in mind the durability of the material used, you will be able to create a sustainable soundproof dog crate. 

How to soundproof a dog crate: Conclusion

Ultimately, soundproofing a dog crate only provides a temporary solution to an underlying problem. 

As a responsible pet owner, it is important to find out what your dog needs and whether keeping them in a soundproof crate will be a sustainable solution in the long-run. 

Is your pet particularly prone to anxious behaviour? 

Or are there external factors out of your control? 

To substantially reduce your dog’s barking and whining, start by crate training and making him feel safe. 

In addition, adding a soundproof cover together with plush toys and blankets in the dog crate can muffle the barking and whining sounds. 

With the list I’ve compiled, you can start you new project to soundproof your dog’s crate. 

Just make sure to leave enough room for ventilation. 

At the end of the day, as a pet owner, you would certainly want what is the best in terms of comfort and functionality.

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